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Awesome Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas

Awesome Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas

Awesome Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas


Fantasies of other lives are a frequent human occupation. Costumes can help with this. If our pets are expressions of ourselves, how about Dog Halloween Costumes? Let’s take a tour of this fantasy land and look at some of the hottest and fun ways to dress up our dogs for Halloween… Or any occasion!


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Pirate Dog

dog halloween costumes
Express your love of adventure with a dog Halloween costumes. The skull and crossbones on the back symbolize danger. The combination of informal design, black body, and bold trim colors brings out the love of the life of aggression and excitement.


Dracula Dog

dog halloween costumes
How about a romantic fantasy, the desire to drain every last drop of experience from life? What could be more romantic than a black body with a red cape. Go ahead, the dog won’t mind too much.


Ghost Buster Dog

dog halloween costumes
Who you gonna call?! The ghost busters friendly companion, the ghost buster dog! complete with accessories and toys! super awesome.


Prisoner Dog

dog halloween costumes
These classic pieces show just how much of a criminal your dog is by showing off his freshly broken out of cell white and black striped costume. Cute and classic!


Tarantula Dog

dog halloween costumes
There’s no escaping the terrifying tarantula dog! This 8 legged guy will be more cuddly and cute than terrifying, except when he runs towards you.


Bad Boy Dog

dog halloween costumes
Do you like bad boys? Bad boy dog gives your dog that look. The juxtaposition of symbols is easy to read. The skull head is as much a universal symbol of our culture as the red body, forked tail, and horns.


Clown Dog

dog halloween costumes
If you believe that laughing is the best medicine, then laugh along with clown dog. The clown spirit comes through with the bright colors of the playful collar and conical hat. Show you’re fearless will by smiling at trouble.


Wonder Dog

dog halloween costumes
Want to bring out your superhero attributes? Feeling like wonder woman? Then you should have wonder dog! The costume is very recognizable.


Ghost Dog

How about a friendly ghost? Ghost dog doesn’t look scary; maybe it isn’t even supposed to be a ghost. Red and yellow accents on white, the vest and conical hat are vaguely ghostlike but festive too. Could this be a guardian spirit?


Elvis Dog

dog halloween costumes
Here we have a dog with shades, or is this Elvis? This is the modern version of immortality, the spirits of the famous linger on in vivid remembrance. Your dog becomes a modern icon, a redneck rebel, sort of a pirate.


Wizard Dog

dog halloween costumes
More dogs with hats, this time it’s a wizard! It sure has the magic details, down to the traditional triangular hat. Welcome to the world of wizardly magic.



The world of Halloween pet costumes can be wondrous strange if you open your eyes and look. You would probably enjoy imagining up one of your own. Pet costuming has a lot of potential for enhancing the Halloween experience. Make it fun this year for you and your dog by giving him a costume you both can enjoy!

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