Dog Blankets For The Season

Dog Blankets For The Season

Dog Blankets For The Season


Don’t let your dog sleep in the cold without a blanket like this puppy in the picture.  As the temperatures drop, your pooch will keep looking for a place to snuggle up and take a rest. The dog will also be looking for a warm place to lie down. The floor can be a hard place to rest for your pooch meaning that you will have to share your cozy couch with your dog most of the time. There is a way to set up your best friend with resting quarters that have no equal. Doggie blankets can also be used on the bed or couch by the way. They however work best on doggie baskets and beds.


What do I go for?

There a number of different blankets for dogs in the market today. All these will vary in design, make and cost. The best of course are costly. Faux fur dog blankets are made of soft natural fur. These are the warmest and coziest blankets you will ever come across. The fact tat they come with animal fur makes them a delight for the animal. They also come with fur on either side of the blanket or both. The fur dog blankets will mostly come in animal fur shades making them a natural blend for the home and the pet.

You can also go for normal blankets. These resemble duvets in all manner of speaking. They are cheaper and very enjoyable for your pooch. They are also easy to clean and handle. The fact that they come in different design and color makes them easy to work with the rest of the home design. Your pooch will really appreciate a nice set up next to the fireplace especially during this cold season.



Doggie blankets are designed in a number of forms with more creative forms coming up each day. Most of the blankets are simply straight and flat. There are blankets made into pockets that your pooch can slip in and feel comfortable. All these make the dogs look so cute and adorable.


Here are some of our recommended dog blankets to keep your pooch warm this season.

Fleece and soft blankets for light chills

Pawz Road Lovely Pet Paw Prints Fleece Blanket (Beige)

American Kennel Club Pet Throw, Brown

Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Blanket, Pewter

30×21 Inch Dog Fleece Blanket – Bone and Paw Print Assorted Colors

Faux Fur blankets for heavier cold nights

GoodDogBeds Faux Fur Cubby, Small Chinchilla Fur

The Dog Squad Minkie Binkie Blanket Frosted Snow Leopard

GoodDogBeds Faux Fur BaaBaa Dog Blanket, Small, Brown Shell

Minkie Binkie Blanket, Black Roses


Are they affordable?

Doggie blankets are very affordable. The size of the dog blankets is determined by the size of the dog. So will the weight of the blankets. Heavier dogs such as the Boers and Danes will need bigger and heavier blankets as compared to Terries and Chihuahuas. This will definitely also affect the cost. Bigger blankets will cost more compared to the smaller ones. Blankets will cost $9 to $99 depending on what you are going for. The normal dog blankets are often made of fleece. These will cost the lower half of the amount going for about $8 to $50. This is mostly affected by size and design. The upper half ranging from $40 to $99 will mostly be faux fur blankets.


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