Everything About Dog Bowties

Everything About Dog Bowties

Everything You’ll Need To Know About Dog Bowties


Dog bowties are amazing and fantastic clothing accessories that your dog should wear for special and specific occasions such as parties and wedding.  Dog bowties have an array of different colors and design and are known to spur admiration and curiosity from people you meet.  Most of them are designed in a way that they integrate style with practicality and comfort.  Unique and stylish as well as quality of the material for your dog bowtie is dependent on how you choose.

Outlined below is a guide on how to select the best dog bowties.


Impressive Features And Styles Of Popular Dog Bowties And How To Select Them

Go for easily noticeable color especially black, purple, white and red while avoiding bow ties with dull colors.  Bow ties with stripes are appealing and looks cute on your dog. The best dog bowtie color should not match the color of your dog so as to avoid color crashing.

dog bowties
Multicolored dog bowtie


See The Main Points Below When Picking Out A Bowtie For Your Pooch:

– Black and white dog bow ties are great for special occasions and events. Just see how these pooches look here.
– Medium sized bow ties fit your dog and other pets neatly.
– Quality dog bow ties should have the ability to withstanding dog scratching as it’s part of the dogs playful nature.  Bow ties made of cotton, leather, or nylon materials are the best since they are durable and flexible.

– Go for high quality and stylish bow ties that even depicts your personality.
– Dog bowties should fit over collar.  A dog bow tie with velcro is easy to put on the color of your dog and should be elastic enough for flexibility and adjusting purposes.

– Choose a bow tie that does not distract the movement of your dog or pet. It should be conducive and flexible enough to ease the movement of your dog.  Avoid bow ties that very tight since they make your dog uncomfortable and may restrict your dog’s blood circulation.

– Go for a gorgeous yet simple bow tie for your dog to look pretty and appealing.

– For measuring, use a tape measure to measure the actual size of your dog so as as to know the kind and size of bow tie it require.  Note that when you guess the size of your dog, there’s a chacne that you’ll end up being disappointed after buying bow tie.

– It should be fashionable in such a way that it make your pet appealing and beautiful.

– Choose a bow tie that is 100% unique and is of high quality.
– Select hand made bow ties since they can be customized to suit your needs and desires.
– Choose a bow tie that will allow your pet to join in a party or wedding and stand out in a crowd.
– Go for affordable and easily accessible bow ties at all times.
– Best dog bow ties are easy to fit and adjust.

– If all else fails, you can always make your own!


Search through adorable bowtie for your puppy here!


Why use a bow tie on your dog?

(1) Makes your dog look unique, fabulous, and cute. They looks chic and smart

(2) It also makes you dog stand out among other dogs and pets by rocking an awesome accessory.

(3) At times it also shows off who you are by reflecting a bit of your personality.

(4) It does not matter the gender of your dog, each dog that rocks this accessory looks elegant and stylish with a bow tie.

Hope this covers anything and everything and helps you find the perfect bowtie for your dog!


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