Dog Coats – How To Choose The Right One

Dog Coats – How To Choose The Right One

Dog Coats – How To Choose The Right One


It seems an easy thing to buy a dog coat right? Well, you’d be surprised how much there is to consider, and the range of dog coats is huge so here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

When it comes to dog coats, the first thing you need to do is think about the type of coat you want and the reason for getting it. Is it for solely for style? Or to keep your dog out of the rain? How about just a coat to keep your dog warm when they go outside to play?
There are a number of different dog coats that serves different purposes so try not to get a coat solely for fashion because it may not be necessary when it’s not for the correct occasion.  An example would be having a heavy raincoat for a small dog when it’s not raining. If you wouldn’t wear it at the moment they so shouldn’t they.

Ensure you buy a quality dog coat that will last – it may cost you a little more but it will be worth it. Don’t just be influenced by price, buying a cheaper coat may seem like a good option at the time but if you have to replace it after a season it becomes an expensive purchase.

Right Fit For Your Dog Coats
Ensuring the right fit is important and most online stores will ask for the measurement along the spine from the collar to the base of the tail.

If you have the option to add additional measurements when you are ordering your dog coat online add the following measurements to make sure the coat is going to fit correctly. This is especially important for mixed breeds and online retailers where some dog coats are made to order.
1. Girth Measurement around the chest behind the front legs, similar to where the saddle strap on a horse is positioned
2. Across The Chest at the front at the widest point

If you are buying your dog coat online be sure to look for the exchange policy just in case the dog coat is too large or too small.
It would also be wise to consider the dog coat straps – We personally like Velcro straps as they are easy and quick to use. Buckles and ties are too cumbersome and fiddly.

The Weight Of The Dog Coats
Also consider the weight of the material. For instance for littler mutts or hotter atmospheres, materials like an oilskin canine coat may not be the best option. Consider lighter weight materials – they can be hard to find but they are available.

lastly, Dog Coats Lining
Often dog coats offer a choice of linings, this is important particularly if you live in a warm climate where a wool lining may be too hot. In these cases you may want to consider a cotton lining as an option.


With the above you should be set in purchasing dog coats that your dog should fit and be comfortable with. Remember, if you wouldn’t wear it for the occasion then your dog certainly wouldn’t be comfortable either!


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