Dog Hoodies – Safety Hazards

Dog Hoodies – Safety Hazards

Dog Hoodies – Caring For Your Dog And His Hoodie


Dog hoodies seem to be one of the latest and greatest additions to the world of dog clothing and it seems that a person can’t walk ten feet down the street without being confronted with the tons of dogs all wearing them.However, there is concern about the dog hoodies as a whole and, more specifically, much of the controversy is about the potential risks it presents to the dog. In particular, the design of dog hoodies, like the hood on any garment, is going to fall and rest over the eyes of the dog and has the potential to mess up their vision.

Looking at the question in the context of how nervous and hyperactive dogs can be, combined with the dangers of a busy road, it is easy to see that dog hoodies have the potential to cause some problems.


Be weary of hazards

So if you are interested in dressing your dog in a hoodie make sure that your dog hoodie does not cover their ears or eyes, so as to ensure that there is no undo risk to your pet.

In a related note, it is as important that the size of the dog hoodie is correct, and by this we mean not too big or too small. This is an issue that is particularly acute with small dogs, where some strange reason, dog owner sees fit to buy a hoodie dog that is too large for the animal.

Frenchies & Dog Hoodies

Frenchies & Dog Hoodies

Also be sure to exercise some caution when it comes to the choice of material for your dog hoodies, particularly with regard to the weather. The product

should be made of dense fibers such as wool for the winter months and lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen are ideal during the summer and spring.

If there’s anything most dogs hate it is having their ears covered up. If your dog seems to be a breed of dog, which has erect ears be sure there are vents at the top of the hoodie so that your pet can have full and free access to move their ears.

If you have trouble finding the right dog hoodies for your pet you might want to use a custom dog hoodie manufacturer. Here, the tailor takes accurate measurements and dimensions of your pet to give you a dog hoodie that suits your pet perfectly. Using this approach, you never have to worry about your dog being unable to move properly or otherwise restricted.First, you might want to consider the type of hoodie that best suit your preferences. Here are the most common choices:

In case you’re a sports fan, why not get a dog hoodie with the token of your favorite team? You can get a dog hoodie that’s as good as a letterman’s jersey. It’s the ideal way to show off the pride of your team while keeping the dog warm. Consider the fashion available while choosing a dog jacket or a dog hoodie. Recollect that, you want the coat to be functional, additionally make your dog adorable. From favorite teams to your favorite race car driver, represent with the ideal dog jacket. Keep your dog snug and warm all winter with a dog hoodie that’s as good as a coat.

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