Dog Raincoats For Your Canine Partner

Dog Raincoats For Your Canine Partner

Dog Raincoats For Your Canine Partner


It’s a universal practice to take your dog on walks to keep it active and playful. But what would you do when it rains and you are scheduled for your routine walk? It is obvious that you would gear yourself with your monsoon wear before you step out of the house but what about your poor little pooches? Getting wet in the rain is as bad for your pets as it is for you because they are susceptible to sicknesses just as you are. These days there are many pet grooming and protective accessories available in the market. One such quintessential dog wear is a dog raincoat. It serves the same purpose as any other raincoat does to man. In the early days, when one had a pet dog they would just conveniently cover them in polythene covers if in case they had to take them out in the rain or just avoid taking them out altogether. With the commercialization of dog raincoats in the market these days it is very easy to find for your dog the perfect accessory that provides the utmost comfort and protection from the weather rains.


Why Get a Raincoat?

You may wonder why dogs would need raincoats when they can easily shake all the water off their body upon getting wet. Although this is true, the moment a dog shakes  the dripping water off their bodies by shaking, their skin generates and secretes natural oils. This builds up a peculiar smell on your pooches whose odor is detected instantaneously, or the more familiar term “wet dog smell”. In order to avoid this it is wise not to let your dogs get wet in the first place. Also just like us human beings, when our body and hair gets wet in rain we run a chance of catching a bad cold or some sort of bacterial infection, same is true for our four-legged sweethearts. They may be prone to infections too. Not to mention the dirt that would splash or settle on your lovely dog fur when faced with a rainy environment.


Material and Protection

Todays modern dog raincoats available in the market are of high quality poly-vinyl fabric that is both soft and supple and easily sheds off all the water that pours onto to the body of your pooch. Most comes with an adjustable velcro strap that helps fit the raincoat on all pet body shapes. They also have a leash port on the back for conveniently connecting the rainy wear to the leash. Some raincoats might have elastic necks and adjustable elastic strap in the back to keep the fabric from shifting places or sliding to and from. Additional features of a typical dog raincoat may include a hood to protect the dogs head and a reflective stripe across the back that reflects in the night. An ideal dog raincoat must be made up of bright colors to facilitate visibility in bad weather conditions. These coats not only protect your dogs from rain but also protect it from other harsh weather conditions like wind, storm and snowfall. It can be used both as a rainy wear as well as a winter wear. Thus you can rightly choose from a range of various dog raincoats on the basis of its comfort level and protective functions.


For Raincoats, we like to visit our friend, Ellie Dog Wear as their raincoats have comes with an removable hoodie & reflectors for protection.

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