Extra Large Dog Clothing

Extra Large Dog Clothing

Extra Large Dog Clothing

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think dogs wearing clothes are adorable.  January 14 is coming up, and you all know what that means! It’s National Dress Your Pet Day! What better reason to buy your dog some new threads than a nationwide Halloween for pets?  Good news is finding clothing for your dogs isn’t difficult at all, whether you own a small, medium, large, or extra large dog. You may think the market for dog clothing only caters to small to medium dogs, but you’d be wrong. There exists quite a substantial market for extra large dog clothing, and you’ve come to the right place for your giant canine buddy’s next #ootd (outfit of the day!).


If the idea of dressing your big dog is very new to you, you’re probably wondering why it’s a good idea to spend on your dog’s clothes when you can easily just make yourself look good by buying clothes for yourself. Just give it a shot!

Here are a few reasons why you should dress up your pet.


Show off your pet’s personality.

You may have a huge great Dane, but if she acts like a princess, why not make her look the part? Or maybe you have a pitbull, and you want everyone to know he’s a big baby. Why not buy him an outfit, take him out for a walk, and help everyone feel at ease in his presence?


Your pet may like dressing up too.

Most dogs are very observant and respond well to human reactions. So when you dress your pet up and she sees how happy you and your friends are, you’ll notice he will be more excited to put on other pieces of clothing in the future. This gives him something to look forward to, because he knows it makes you happy.


Keep your pet warm.

One of the main reasons why National Dress Your Pet Day is on January 14, is because January tends to be one of the coldest months of winter. Investing in extra large dog clothing, such as a sweater, a bonnet, a scarf, or winter paw protectors a.k.a. tiny boots, is investing in your dog’s comfort and health during these harsh months.


Let him have an extra dose of love.

What you don’t know is dogs love being the center of attention. Whenever a dog is out in public and he’s wearing a super cute outfit or costume, nobody will be able to resist waving at him, saying hi, or asking if they can pet him. Your dog will have the time of his life!


Walking the dog becomes special.

If every time you have to walk the dog, you find that it seems more of a chore that time to bond with your furry best friend and take him out of the boring routine of living inside your apartment, maybe investing in extra large dog clothing and helping him slip into a fun outfit will actually make you look forward to it. Your dog will be very grateful for the extra attention.


Rep your favorite sports team.

If you’re a Lakers fan and you want everyone to know why not make your pet scream it for you? If you love the Packers, don’t you think they deserve an extra fan who is super cute and loves unconditionally? Go get your dog a jersey and bring on the Super Bowl, trash talking, and howling at the TV.


Make your big dog seem less scary.

I don’t care how big your dog is, if he’s wearing a bumblebee costume, or a Scotland Yard outfit, no one is going to take him seriously – which is a good thing, don’t worry! While you may love big dogs, walking him in a community with lots of kids and anxious parents may be a problem. Help put them at ease by helping your dog through on a nice shirt every time he goes out. He will automatically look more approachable and less of a danger.


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