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Dog Clothes Sizing – Where and How to Measure Your Dog

Dog Clothes Sizing – Where and How to Measure Your Dog

There are numerous clothing lines out there that particularly cater to pooch clothes. Female mutts have their own designed clothes while the male likewise have their own particular adaptation of tuxedos. Other outfits are likewise accessible and they can be particularly tailored upon solicitation. Be that as it may, before you purchase these garments, you ought to first think of some factors that may influence the fit of these clothes on them. Despite the fact that these garments will look great on them, some dogs may feel uncomfortable with them particularly when they are not fitted appropriately.

by first knowing where and how to measure your dog.


dog clothes sizing

How to measure your dog

Free or tight dog attire normally come about because of the wrong measurements. Not everybody knows how to measure their pooches properly. While determining the dog clothes sizing, you will obviously require a measuring apparatus. The measuring tapes utilized by tailors are best for this task. You will likewise need to know what parts of the pooch you ought to measure and here are some essential parts to consider.
Top-line – Measuring the top-line is fundamentally the same as measuring the length of your dog’s back. Begin measuring from the dog’s upper most spine vertebrae. This zone is found in the middle of the shoulders and just before reaching the neck. The measurement stops at the point where the tail begins to distend out of the body or at its base.
Girth – Knowing how to measure your dog’s girth is critical to avert improper fit of dresses, shirts and different ensembles around the body. To measure this region, you ought to first determine the greatest rib-cage of your dog. This area is typically found beneath the highest point of the spine or underneath the base of the neck. When you discover this region, begin measuring it by setting the tape over the corresponding spine the rib is joined to. At that point you will need to measure around the rib and end it on the point where you began measuring.
Neck – This region simple to situate as this is the place you usually place the neckline. If you are not certain where this area is, you can utilize the chest as an aide since the neck is situated over this region.
Head – Head-gears are additionally prominently utilized by numerous pooches to finish their outfit. The best possible head measurements ought to be properly made to prevent some head-gears from covering the eyes of the dog. The measurements begins at the front of the ears attachment and it proceeds around the jaw until you return back to your beginning point.
Knowing where and how to measure your dog can make your dogs more comfortable and happy when wearing dog apparel. It can likewise forestall injuries as tight fitting garments can choke out your dog. The same is true for free clothes as your dog can easily stumble or trip down while wearing them. You ought to dependably prioritize your dog’s safety over these garments. If you see that your pooch is having issues with their garments, then you ought to make a move by either purchasing another set of appropriate garments or by personally adjusting the dog clothes sizing to fit your dog properly.

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Finding The Perfect Christmas Dog Sweaters

Finding The Perfect Christmas Dog Sweaters


Christmas is simply around the corner and you are pondering what gifts to send to your family and companions. As you are considering over your choices, bear in mind about your furry best friends as they’re just a part of your family and dying to get a gift. Pet fashion is getting more mainstream nowadays, particularly if they live in urban homes. They are just so used to being around people that dressing them up doesn’t appear to be entirely out of the standard.

Christmas dog sweaters have a tendency to be more genuine looking as the theme revolves around the holidays. When littler pets wear them, they still give off that lovable atmosphere similar to little youngsters as they get into the holiday spirit. Christmas clothes come in a wide range of types such as Christmas dog sweaters, socks, head bands, stockings, shirts, & costume. You can buy a few of these and make another closet for your dog and amid family excursions, basically pick one that matches with the apparel of your relatives. Your dog, all things considered, should also be a part of the Christmas spirit!
With the holiday season quick drawing closer, individuals are currently caught up with purchasing presents for their friends and family and your dog is no exception. Sweaters are accessible in different patterns and styles like specked, striped, textured, multicolor, single shading and even have pockets in them that truly make them look exceptionally brilliant. Just make sure the outlines and examples on the sweaters do match with the event or celebration


Sizing & Clothing Material Considerations

You should always consider whether what you need will fit your dog or not or will fit his or her needs. There may be times that what you need will not fit your dog’s requirements. At the point when this happens, there is a major inclination that your dog will feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

These sweaters are accessible at whatever time you require them Some dog sweaters, for example, the Marabou Glamor Sweater are made of hide to make the dog look comfortable and cushy. For female dog, sweaters are of ribbon and laces to make them look more fabulous and trendy.
If you select to buy a little dog sweater for your pooch ensure that the material is of good quality. There are a few materials that can give your pet hypersensitivities. A typical response to any type of hypersensitivity will make their hides fall. Your dog won’t look great with its hide falling everywhere. So pick a sweater that is creature amicable.

Have Fun And Dress Your Dog In A Costume!

With respect to its plans, there are little dog sweaters that are made to resemble a Santa proviso or a mythical person or a reindeer. Amid your Christmas party, you can bring your dog with you and let them wear their Santa Clause sweater. Rest guaranteed that your pooch will be the focal point of consideration amid your gathering.

Gifting amid Christmas doesn’t imply that you ought to present something that can utilized amid Christmas. Something that can be utilized past the Christmas can likewise for flawless gifts for the pet dogs. Keep in mind that there are dog sweaters for any season. For stormy season, there are dog coats to ensure your pooch’s safety and warmth. Does your dog dread about sun blaze as you do? The sun coats are up in the business sector. If you truly adore your pooch, you can purchase all the dog ensembles for all season and gift them this Christmas. Holidays are unique events for your pets as well.


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Everything About Dog Bowties

Everything You’ll Need To Know About Dog Bowties


Dog bowties are amazing and fantastic clothing accessories that your dog should wear for special and specific occasions such as parties and wedding.  Dog bowties have an array of different colors and design and are known to spur admiration and curiosity from people you meet.  Most of them are designed in a way that they integrate style with practicality and comfort.  Unique and stylish as well as quality of the material for your dog bowtie is dependent on how you choose.

Outlined below is a guide on how to select the best dog bowties.


Impressive Features And Styles Of Popular Dog Bowties And How To Select Them

Go for easily noticeable color especially black, purple, white and red while avoiding bow ties with dull colors.  Bow ties with stripes are appealing and looks cute on your dog. The best dog bowtie color should not match the color of your dog so as to avoid color crashing.

dog bowties
Multicolored dog bowtie


See The Main Points Below When Picking Out A Bowtie For Your Pooch:

– Black and white dog bow ties are great for special occasions and events. Just see how these pooches look here.
– Medium sized bow ties fit your dog and other pets neatly.
– Quality dog bow ties should have the ability to withstanding dog scratching as it’s part of the dogs playful nature.  Bow ties made of cotton, leather, or nylon materials are the best since they are durable and flexible.

– Go for high quality and stylish bow ties that even depicts your personality.
– Dog bowties should fit over collar.  A dog bow tie with velcro is easy to put on the color of your dog and should be elastic enough for flexibility and adjusting purposes.

– Choose a bow tie that does not distract the movement of your dog or pet. It should be conducive and flexible enough to ease the movement of your dog.  Avoid bow ties that very tight since they make your dog uncomfortable and may restrict your dog’s blood circulation.

– Go for a gorgeous yet simple bow tie for your dog to look pretty and appealing.

– For measuring, use a tape measure to measure the actual size of your dog so as as to know the kind and size of bow tie it require.  Note that when you guess the size of your dog, there’s a chacne that you’ll end up being disappointed after buying bow tie.

– It should be fashionable in such a way that it make your pet appealing and beautiful.

– Choose a bow tie that is 100% unique and is of high quality.
– Select hand made bow ties since they can be customized to suit your needs and desires.
– Choose a bow tie that will allow your pet to join in a party or wedding and stand out in a crowd.
– Go for affordable and easily accessible bow ties at all times.
– Best dog bow ties are easy to fit and adjust.

– If all else fails, you can always make your own!


Search through adorable bowtie for your puppy here!


Why use a bow tie on your dog?

(1) Makes your dog look unique, fabulous, and cute. They looks chic and smart

(2) It also makes you dog stand out among other dogs and pets by rocking an awesome accessory.

(3) At times it also shows off who you are by reflecting a bit of your personality.

(4) It does not matter the gender of your dog, each dog that rocks this accessory looks elegant and stylish with a bow tie.

Hope this covers anything and everything and helps you find the perfect bowtie for your dog!


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Dog Hoodies – Safety Hazards

Dog Hoodies – Caring For Your Dog And His Hoodie


Dog hoodies seem to be one of the latest and greatest additions to the world of dog clothing and it seems that a person can’t walk ten feet down the street without being confronted with the tons of dogs all wearing them.However, there is concern about the dog hoodies as a whole and, more specifically, much of the controversy is about the potential risks it presents to the dog. In particular, the design of dog hoodies, like the hood on any garment, is going to fall and rest over the eyes of the dog and has the potential to mess up their vision.

Looking at the question in the context of how nervous and hyperactive dogs can be, combined with the dangers of a busy road, it is easy to see that dog hoodies have the potential to cause some problems.


Be weary of hazards

So if you are interested in dressing your dog in a hoodie make sure that your dog hoodie does not cover their ears or eyes, so as to ensure that there is no undo risk to your pet.

In a related note, it is as important that the size of the dog hoodie is correct, and by this we mean not too big or too small. This is an issue that is particularly acute with small dogs, where some strange reason, dog owner sees fit to buy a hoodie dog that is too large for the animal.

Frenchies & Dog Hoodies

Frenchies & Dog Hoodies

Also be sure to exercise some caution when it comes to the choice of material for your dog hoodies, particularly with regard to the weather. The product

should be made of dense fibers such as wool for the winter months and lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen are ideal during the summer and spring.

If there’s anything most dogs hate it is having their ears covered up. If your dog seems to be a breed of dog, which has erect ears be sure there are vents at the top of the hoodie so that your pet can have full and free access to move their ears.

If you have trouble finding the right dog hoodies for your pet you might want to use a custom dog hoodie manufacturer. Here, the tailor takes accurate measurements and dimensions of your pet to give you a dog hoodie that suits your pet perfectly. Using this approach, you never have to worry about your dog being unable to move properly or otherwise restricted.First, you might want to consider the type of hoodie that best suit your preferences. Here are the most common choices:

In case you’re a sports fan, why not get a dog hoodie with the token of your favorite team? You can get a dog hoodie that’s as good as a letterman’s jersey. It’s the ideal way to show off the pride of your team while keeping the dog warm. Consider the fashion available while choosing a dog jacket or a dog hoodie. Recollect that, you want the coat to be functional, additionally make your dog adorable. From favorite teams to your favorite race car driver, represent with the ideal dog jacket. Keep your dog snug and warm all winter with a dog hoodie that’s as good as a coat.

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Dog Clothes Buying Tips

Dog Clothes Buying Tips


Buying dog clothes for your pet can be as exciting as buying new clothes for yourself. There are many different styles available, making it easy to find something that suits any occasion and personality. To make sure your shopping trip goes off without a hitch, there’s a few buying tips that can help you make the best choices.

The first thing that you need to consider when buying dog clothes is size. The clothes need to fit correctly in order to be beneficial and safe for your pet to wear. It’s not as simple as buying “large” for your large breed dog or “small” for a small breed dog. Sizes can actually run from extra small to extra large and you can’t tell which ones will fit just from looking. Therefore, you need to measure your dog to get the right fit.

To get the right measurements, follow the guide below:

dog clothes

· Measure your dog from the base of the head (near the collar) all the way along his back to the base of the tail for the body measurement.

· Measure your pet from the top of his head (a little in front of the ears)

to the end of his tail when buying hooded garments for your dog.

· Measure the pad of his foot from his nails to his heel for the best fit in booties or other footwear.

· Measure the circumference of his neck and add between ½ and 2 inches depending on your dogs head for comfort when you need to know his neck size.

The next thing to consider is your dog’s temperament. Some dogs will wear full outfits while others will only tolerate something simple. Choose outfits based on how your pet responds when wearing clothing.

You can purchase dog clothes in a variety of fabrics, too. Cotton is a great choice for items that your pet will wear regularly. Most raincoats and jackets have cotton lining for extra warmth. The fabric should also be breathable and suited for the climate in which you live.

Be careful with flashy clothing that’s designed with buttons, sequins, beads, feathers and charms. These beautiful outfits are excellent for special occasions but they’re not intended for everyday use. Save these for those special outings when you want your pet to make a grand entrance.

Once you pick out the dog clothing best suited for your pet, you can look through some of the accessories that will help to complement her look. Hats, bows along with matching collars and leashes are available to match most any outfit.

Use these dog clothes buying tips when shopping for your pet and it will help you find the best outfits for your dog. He will look great and be safe in his new clothing as you go for walks, visit friends or when relaxing at home.


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Christmas Dog Clothes: Shopping Tips

Tips on Buying Christmas Dog Clothes


Dog clothes are more popular than ever before and the demand has certainly grown in the past number of years. A large number of dogs are more than happy to wear clothing and they can enjoy the extra attention received as a result. However, it is important to be aware that some dogs are not comfortable wearing any articles of clothing and could become stressed in such situations. You know your dog better than anyone and should make the most appropriate decision for your dog. So before you decide to buy christmas dog clothes for your pooch, be sure to look over some tips below.


To help you choose the most appropriate Santa Paws Dog Outfit, here are a few shopping tips-


1) Purchase your christmas dog clothes well in advance

Order a Christmas dog outfit for your pup at least up to a month before the season commences. Shops could sell out beforehand and you don’t want to miss out. Also you want to be make sure that the outfit is suitable and gives you time to change your mind and find something else that you adore.


2) Look for dog clothing that suits their personality

The best kind of clothes is the one suits their personality


3) Think of your dogs safety

It’s important to choose outfits for your pooch that looks like it will be safe, comfortable and it must not restrict movement;


4) Selecting the right size for your dog is key

Just like ourselves, when buying clothes we find that different brands offer different sizes, so just because you have bought a size small in one brand, in another brand this could be a medium or even a large! So ensure that you check all size guidelines provided and measure your dog as accurately as possible. Contact the store owner and ask if they will check and measure the dog clothing you are interested in for you against the measurement of your particular breed of dog. If in doubt over the size – you are best going for a slightly larger size to ensure there is no restriction of movement. Bear in mind the make up of your dog, are they on the slim side or maybe slightly ‘chubby’? Also consider – is your dog growing or if they put on weight! Dog clothes should not be skin tight. There must always be room to allow a dog’s body to breathe and avoid overheating;


5) Check for small hazards

Some items of dog clothes comes with accessories and may be fastened with zips or buttons. Each of these could be a potential hazard so do check before that there is nothing which could harm or your dog or ensure you watch your pet at all times whilst they are wearing the outfit;


6) Consider the quality of the item you are buying

It may well be better to pay that little bit extra for a quality outfit rather than trying to save pennies on poor quality. Better quality items will last longer and be safer for your pet;


7) Get your dog used to it before putting it on

If if is the first time you have tried an item of clothing on your dog, the best thing to do initially, is when it arrives, let your dog sniff it, then lay it over him for a minute, praise him and then give him a treat. Do this everyday, leaving the outfit on for longer each time. Eventually put the clothing on your dog, but loosely and repeat as above by leaving it on him for a minute and then praise him and give him a treat, extending the time each day.


You will be able to tell from your dog’s response if he is happy with his new christmas dog clothes. If you try the above and your dog gets anxious – then he could be one of the dogs that do not like wearing clothes and it would be unfair to continue. Maybe try different materials or styles initially, however if he continues to look anxious, then it is best to leave putting clothes on your dog.


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Large Dog Clothes – Tips For Bigger Pooches

Large Dog Clothes – Tips For Bigger Pooches


Tired of sifting through teacup racks looking for a shirt to keep your best friend warm? You’re not alone. Small talk at Big-pooch Park last winter revealed that apparel tailored for canines up to 130 pounds is hard to find. Teacup attire is cute but not made to last. The big guys need something more durable. They need apparel that is stylish and functional. So see our tips on why large dog clothes would be good for your dog.

I know… You’re thinking, LARGE DOG CLOTHESWhy would a big furry pooch need a shirt?!! Well, not all breeds are furry. Do you own an 80 pound pillow diver? Is he or she pawing at the blanket in winter? Don’t be afraid to try a hoodie, or a tank top for starters. But make sure the apparel is designed specially for the big guys… made to be functional and extra durable. Easier said then done!!!

Clothes for large dogs can be fun and functional but are not common for 3 reasons:

1. Hard to find.

2. People think big pooches won’t wear clothing.

  • FYI: my 80 pound boxer loves her hoodie.
  • TIP: don’t try it until winter; a hot summer day is not a good time to give it a go.

3. Finding the right size can be confusing.

Sizing has not been standardized within the canine fashion industry. An XL from one manufacturer could be the same size as an XXL from another. To remedy this problem, many retailers ask you to measure before making a purchase, but who has time for that? It is good advice to measure if your pal is an English Bulldog or another unique body shape, but what about the rest of us? Can’t we have standard sizes for our average adorable rescue mutts? I guess not, so for now the gang at Big-pooch Park will only buy apparel if a weight range is given.


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The Top Styles of Dog Clothes

Breaking Down The Top Styles of Dog Clothes


Seeing a dog dressed in fashionable clothes is an all too common occurrence now. You can walk to practically any dog park around any major city and see small dogs dressed in everything from dresses to hoodies. If you’re interested in dressing your dog in clothes, you should read these style tips I’m about to give you. Be sure to look unique by checking out the top styles of dog clothes for your pooch.

I’ve seen dogs dressed in all kinds of ridiculous things. For some reason, pet clothing designers have begun making couture dog clothes that are simply not functional. In London, they have these dog shows featuring dogs dressed in all kinds of wacky clothing lines. While they may look fun and interesting, these couture dog clothes aren’t suitable for most small dogs.

The number of styling tip for dressing your dog is to make sure they are comfortable in what they wear. Couture dog clothes, as well as many other types, can easily cause discomfort for dogs if they aren’t made properly. Before dressing your dog in any clothes, take them out and feel them for yourself. Is the material soft and comfortable enough for your dog to wear? Typically, most wool, cotton and cotton-blends are suitable for dogs to wear without worrying about discomfort.

What you want to dress you dog in is really up to you. However, if you’re having trouble choosing, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt. Some of the sayings and quotes on doggie shirts are hilarious, such as “Head Chewleader” or “I Eat Everything”. Anytime someone sees your dog dressed in one of these comical shirts, it’s sure to get a laugh or two. Of course you can also go the more stylish route and find a shirt that’s more elegant. Dog shirts come in just about every design and style you can think of. Even if you’re looking for them online, do a little window shopping and see what’s available.

Dog raincoats are a stylish new item that’s recently been added to the world of canine clothing. These are coats made of vinyl and tailored to fit dogs of a certain size. If you want to get one for your dog, look for a raincoat that has a soft interior sewn in for comfort. This will both protect your dog from the rain and weather, as well as keep them comfortable.

If you’re the owner of a sweet little girl dog, you should think about dressing her in a dress. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think couture dresses are too outrageous and not conventional for small dogs. However, there are plenty of beautiful and comfortable dresses out there for dogs to wear. Just look for ones that aren’t too extravagant or over the top.


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