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Top 5 Rated Dog Booties and Socks

Top 5 Rated Practical & Cute Dog Booties


The first occasion when I ever seen booties for mutts promoted in pet supply inventories, I roared with laughter. How adorable would you be able to make your pet with little dog shoes? Dog booties have actually been around for quite some time and they are used for a variety of reasons below:

  • Winter dog booties to protect your pooch’s feet from cool, sodden, ice, snow, and salt
  • Summer boots to shield your pup’s paws from the blistering heat of asphalt, concrete, and any other heated surfaces
  • Climbing boots to shield your dog from the threats of sharp shake, thistles, burrs, prickly plants, and foxtails
  • They can be utilized to give a speculative pooch footing on elusive floors, to counteract scratches on hardwood floors and tangles on rugs, and to hinder burrowing.
  • They can counteract biting and licking of wounds, gauzes and pharmaceuticals on the canine’s feet.

If you’re deciding on a pair of dog booties for your dog then take a look at our list

Click on the image to learn more info



1. All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro Straps

These dog boots will conform and cling to your dog’s natural paw shape and is water resistant, puncture and tamper resistant, and aids in traction. Not to mention they also have velcro straps to keep them visible at night.



2. Urbest – Detachable Closure Puppy Dog Booties

These cute little snow shoes are made to keep your dogs feet warm and safe with their slip proof design.  Don’t let the puppy sign fool you, these can fit any adult small breeds.



3. Fashion Pet – Performance Waterproof Dog Boots

If you have an active pet that are outdoors and needs protection from the environment as mentioned above then this is one to pick up. The performance boot are waterproof and has a built in rubber bottom for maximum protection.



4. Pecute – Dark Blue Denim Sneaker Casual Anti-slip Rubber Dog Boots

The title is a mouth full but the design is adorable. Mimicking the converse sneakers we all used to wear (or still do), these little shoes have anti slip rubber bottoms and are easy to slip on.



5. Colorfulhouse – Bone Pet Snow Boots Nonslip Boots

If you’re looking for a pair of awesome snow shoes for your dog then look no further than these nonslip fur boots. Slips these on and have your dog frolicking in the snow safe from the cold and any hazards on the ground that might be hidden.



6. Petego – Traction Control Socks for Dogs       **Bonus**

If you’re looking for something a little more on the snug side and would prefer your dog not to wear boots then shoes are a definite alternative.  Be wary to get the traction pads on the bottom so your dog doesn’t slide everywhere.



The greatest pooch boot test is keeping the little villains on your canine’s feet. Pooches don’t have much in the method for lower legs, and an all around fitted boot must embrace the lower leg joint firmly without rubbing, tightening blood stream, or irritating the dog.

The best boots offer a wide choice of sizes to take into account a solid match. The Dog Booties ought to fit reasonably cozily while as yet giving sufficient space to the puppy’s foot. It ought to slip onto the pooch’s foot without hardly lifting a finger, not slip off until you need it to, and be built of materials that are sufficiently delicate to fit in with the state of the foot and be agreeable for the puppy, yet sufficiently strong to confront the rigors of lively trekking.

If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out the latest in dog tee shirts here.

Or check out the latest in dog sweaters here.

Featured Photo Courtesy [wikimedia]

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Top Puppy Clothing For Winter

Puppy Clothing For Winter


Pet owners love to pamper their pets and like to have their doggies around on occasions like parties, social gathering, exhibition or even during shopping. While it is uncommon to see big dogs accompanying their owners, small pets are more likely to accompany their masters on every occasion. Owners also love to dress and accessorize them for such events so that puppies can look attractive and adorable. However, there are other reasons as to why puppies or big dogs are dressed. For instance, to save them from harsh conditions, environment, or the effects of temperature changes. Puppies are more prone to such changes and hence, they must be given more attention than big dogs. If you are looking to adorn your pet, then you can get a wonderful range of puppy clothing online at discounted rates.

Larger dogs have power to deal with the onslaught of weather but this protection capability is slightly less in smaller puppies. Winter season is especially harsher for them and hence, they need to have a good range of clothing. Your little puppy’s wardrobe must be having some essential piece of clothing for seasons like the winter, summer and monsoon.

Little puppies are very uncomfortable when they get soaked with rain, just like humans. Since they are not intelligent enough to put on a raincoat or cover themselves with an umbrella, it’s their owner’s responsibility to provide them with clothing items to deal with the outside rain. When you search for puppy clothing online, you will get some fantastic collection of rain coats and rain boots.


Click on the image to learn more

Cupet Transparent Water Coat

Winter clothing is also an essential part of a puppies wardrobe. Winter season is not only difficult to deal with for humans but also creates problems for pets. Puppy sweater and jackets are a must to be added in the pet’s wardrobe.

 Adidog Hoodie

Winson Winter Sweater

In fact puppies face more problem if it is snowing outside. It is quite common to use rock salt to combat ice on sidewalks which is very problematic for the puppies. The rock salt used hurts the paws of the pet and hence, their owners must use doggie booties to protect their paws from severe damage.

Ultra Paws Dog Boots


Similarly, summer clothing items should also be included in the wardrobe of your pet. Simple tees and cotton outerwear are perfect to adorn your pet and to help them beat the heat.


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Dog Blankets For The Season

Dog Blankets For The Season


Don’t let your dog sleep in the cold without a blanket like this puppy in the picture.  As the temperatures drop, your pooch will keep looking for a place to snuggle up and take a rest. The dog will also be looking for a warm place to lie down. The floor can be a hard place to rest for your pooch meaning that you will have to share your cozy couch with your dog most of the time. There is a way to set up your best friend with resting quarters that have no equal. Doggie blankets can also be used on the bed or couch by the way. They however work best on doggie baskets and beds.


What do I go for?

There a number of different blankets for dogs in the market today. All these will vary in design, make and cost. The best of course are costly. Faux fur dog blankets are made of soft natural fur. These are the warmest and coziest blankets you will ever come across. The fact tat they come with animal fur makes them a delight for the animal. They also come with fur on either side of the blanket or both. The fur dog blankets will mostly come in animal fur shades making them a natural blend for the home and the pet.

You can also go for normal blankets. These resemble duvets in all manner of speaking. They are cheaper and very enjoyable for your pooch. They are also easy to clean and handle. The fact that they come in different design and color makes them easy to work with the rest of the home design. Your pooch will really appreciate a nice set up next to the fireplace especially during this cold season.



Doggie blankets are designed in a number of forms with more creative forms coming up each day. Most of the blankets are simply straight and flat. There are blankets made into pockets that your pooch can slip in and feel comfortable. All these make the dogs look so cute and adorable.


Here are some of our recommended dog blankets to keep your pooch warm this season.

Fleece and soft blankets for light chills

Pawz Road Lovely Pet Paw Prints Fleece Blanket (Beige)

American Kennel Club Pet Throw, Brown

Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Blanket, Pewter

30×21 Inch Dog Fleece Blanket – Bone and Paw Print Assorted Colors

Faux Fur blankets for heavier cold nights

GoodDogBeds Faux Fur Cubby, Small Chinchilla Fur

The Dog Squad Minkie Binkie Blanket Frosted Snow Leopard

GoodDogBeds Faux Fur BaaBaa Dog Blanket, Small, Brown Shell

Minkie Binkie Blanket, Black Roses


Are they affordable?

Doggie blankets are very affordable. The size of the dog blankets is determined by the size of the dog. So will the weight of the blankets. Heavier dogs such as the Boers and Danes will need bigger and heavier blankets as compared to Terries and Chihuahuas. This will definitely also affect the cost. Bigger blankets will cost more compared to the smaller ones. Blankets will cost $9 to $99 depending on what you are going for. The normal dog blankets are often made of fleece. These will cost the lower half of the amount going for about $8 to $50. This is mostly affected by size and design. The upper half ranging from $40 to $99 will mostly be faux fur blankets.


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Dog Coats – How To Choose The Right One

Dog Coats – How To Choose The Right One


It seems an easy thing to buy a dog coat right? Well, you’d be surprised how much there is to consider, and the range of dog coats is huge so here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

When it comes to dog coats, the first thing you need to do is think about the type of coat you want and the reason for getting it. Is it for solely for style? Or to keep your dog out of the rain? How about just a coat to keep your dog warm when they go outside to play?
There are a number of different dog coats that serves different purposes so try not to get a coat solely for fashion because it may not be necessary when it’s not for the correct occasion.  An example would be having a heavy raincoat for a small dog when it’s not raining. If you wouldn’t wear it at the moment they so shouldn’t they.

Ensure you buy a quality dog coat that will last – it may cost you a little more but it will be worth it. Don’t just be influenced by price, buying a cheaper coat may seem like a good option at the time but if you have to replace it after a season it becomes an expensive purchase.

Right Fit For Your Dog Coats
Ensuring the right fit is important and most online stores will ask for the measurement along the spine from the collar to the base of the tail.

If you have the option to add additional measurements when you are ordering your dog coat online add the following measurements to make sure the coat is going to fit correctly. This is especially important for mixed breeds and online retailers where some dog coats are made to order.
1. Girth Measurement around the chest behind the front legs, similar to where the saddle strap on a horse is positioned
2. Across The Chest at the front at the widest point

If you are buying your dog coat online be sure to look for the exchange policy just in case the dog coat is too large or too small.
It would also be wise to consider the dog coat straps – We personally like Velcro straps as they are easy and quick to use. Buckles and ties are too cumbersome and fiddly.

The Weight Of The Dog Coats
Also consider the weight of the material. For instance for littler mutts or hotter atmospheres, materials like an oilskin canine coat may not be the best option. Consider lighter weight materials – they can be hard to find but they are available.

lastly, Dog Coats Lining
Often dog coats offer a choice of linings, this is important particularly if you live in a warm climate where a wool lining may be too hot. In these cases you may want to consider a cotton lining as an option.


With the above you should be set in purchasing dog coats that your dog should fit and be comfortable with. Remember, if you wouldn’t wear it for the occasion then your dog certainly wouldn’t be comfortable either!


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How To Use A Martingale Collar

How To Use A Martingale Collar


There are a variety of dog training collars for dogs used in canine training. Some professional dog trainers advocate one type of receiver collar and only employ that form of collar regarding training pet dogs, while various other dog trainers say that type of collar should never be found in dog training. Needless to say, each canine trainer employs their own method of dog training, as well as the type of dog collar they use displays the dog coaching method they normally use.

It’s essential to know how to use a dog training collar effectively. Modern dog collars are far more than just restraining devices. They’re true training aids. There are buckle, leader, slip, prong, martingale and several other designs, which includes some with electronic devices attached.

Selecting the right collar for the teaching job at hand can considerably accelerate the studying process. It is finely utilized consistently and in conjunction with a program of rewards and positive reinforcement.

A collar really should fulfill at the very least two basic requirements.

  1. Initial, and most crucial, it ought to stay on under all conditions, even if the dog tries to escape from it by backing-up.
  2. Second, it should permit the trainer to pull or tug on the leash so as to signal commands to the dog.

See the Pros and Cons of the different dog collars here for more information.


The Martingale Collar

martingale collar

The Martingale Dog collar is like a fall collar in that it tightens up when the lead is drawn. The big distinction is that it is only able to tighten a certain amount so that it will not choke the canine. It is made up of length of textile with a ring on both comes to an end. A short bit of fabric as well as the chain undergoes both wedding rings and continues to connect to a single ring, which the leash can be connected.

When the tether is drawn, the training collar tightens to where the two rings touch each other. It has an adjustment so the tightest it could get is just snug throughout the dog’s neck of the guitar. Because the Martingale Dog collar is usually wider than the Fall Collar, it spreads pressure to succeed on the canine’s neck along which prevents the actual collar via getting twisted in the dog’s fur.


Getting the Martingale Training Collar On The Canine

The Martingale Collar, after it is properly fine-tuned, is just slipped over the dog’s head and also ears. Many of them have a speedy release buckles which you can use and extremely handy at times.


Proper utilization of the Martingale Collar

The Martingale Collar is employed in the same way as the Slip Collar. Because the Martingale collar tightens when the dog applies pressure, there may be some discomfort that this gives the canines, but can be just as effective in teaching your dog not to pull. Because the Martingale Dog collar is mostly used as a tug restraining tool, it’s good to have your dog on it in it’s early stages of learning and eventually switched to a regular collar when they learn not to tug.


Browse Martingale Collars


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Adorable Chihuahua Clothes And Accessories

Chihuahua Clothes From Range Of Clothing & Accessories

An entire range of chihuahua clothes for male or female Chihuahuas, manufactured by known brand, can be bought online or at pet shops. Dog clothing has come of age and now there is no dearth of designs, colors, and styles for your small dog. There are many online stores also that sell chihuahua clothes and have a range of clothes, accessories, collars, toys, and pet carriers for the comfort of your dog. This trendy stuff can make your pet look cool. Dressing them in a variety of clothes is both fun and relaxing.

Different Kind of Clothes and Accessories

Chihuahua clothes come in different sizes and shapes as like human, the dog’s body type is also different from each other. To get the right size, you must know how to measure your dog. Chihuahua clothes are measured by body length. Measurement is taken starting from the base of the dog’s neck to the base of its tail. If your pet is chubby, you should take at least one size bigger than the measurement so that it fits comfortably.

Don’t be afraid to go one size bigger if your dog is chubby

The dog owner can have lots of fun in dressing up the dog in the vast range of available chihuahua clothes. Stores have dresses, coats, fur coats, rain coats, T-shirts, even jeans and pants for your dog. The small pooch you have is a family member, therefore buying clothes for it is a must-do activity and involves all in the family who really care for the dog.
Studded Chihuahua collars for example are particularly trendy and stylish now that there are so many different types and patterns to choose from. These collars will make your pet stand out from others. Other Chihuahua clothes like hoodies, knitted sweaters, and organic toys are also available for your pet. Accessories like necklaces, collar charms, bed and bath, hair pins, pet socks, hats, and caps provide that special look to your pet, especially when you are taking it for an outing, party, or dog show.

Training Tips: Be Patient with a Chihuahua

Many Chihuahua owners worry if it’s possible to train their dog according to their requirement. Here are some Chihuahua training tips which come in handy when you set out to train your dog: When it comes to small dogs and clothing, it will most likely be new to your dog and he or she won’t be comfortable with trying on clothes for too long in the beginning.  Chihuahua dogs have a very stubborn nature, therefore training them early with clothing is key.  These cute dogs should not be punished, but handled with love and understanding during their clothes training and they will eventually associate clothes wearing with a good atmosphere.

It’s a pleasure to have a Chihuahua dog as they are the cutest and most loving small dog breed. Specialized chihuahua clothes is bought online also, and it is fun to dress your pet in them. Dressing in beautiful designs, styles, and colors make them look even cuter. Doing the shopping for your important family member, who gives you unconditional love and companionship, is a great way to feel and express the love you have for your small, cute pet.


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Dog Raincoats For Your Canine Partner

Dog Raincoats For Your Canine Partner


It’s a universal practice to take your dog on walks to keep it active and playful. But what would you do when it rains and you are scheduled for your routine walk? It is obvious that you would gear yourself with your monsoon wear before you step out of the house but what about your poor little pooches? Getting wet in the rain is as bad for your pets as it is for you because they are susceptible to sicknesses just as you are. These days there are many pet grooming and protective accessories available in the market. One such quintessential dog wear is a dog raincoat. It serves the same purpose as any other raincoat does to man. In the early days, when one had a pet dog they would just conveniently cover them in polythene covers if in case they had to take them out in the rain or just avoid taking them out altogether. With the commercialization of dog raincoats in the market these days it is very easy to find for your dog the perfect accessory that provides the utmost comfort and protection from the weather rains.


Why Get a Raincoat?

You may wonder why dogs would need raincoats when they can easily shake all the water off their body upon getting wet. Although this is true, the moment a dog shakes  the dripping water off their bodies by shaking, their skin generates and secretes natural oils. This builds up a peculiar smell on your pooches whose odor is detected instantaneously, or the more familiar term “wet dog smell”. In order to avoid this it is wise not to let your dogs get wet in the first place. Also just like us human beings, when our body and hair gets wet in rain we run a chance of catching a bad cold or some sort of bacterial infection, same is true for our four-legged sweethearts. They may be prone to infections too. Not to mention the dirt that would splash or settle on your lovely dog fur when faced with a rainy environment.


Material and Protection

Todays modern dog raincoats available in the market are of high quality poly-vinyl fabric that is both soft and supple and easily sheds off all the water that pours onto to the body of your pooch. Most comes with an adjustable velcro strap that helps fit the raincoat on all pet body shapes. They also have a leash port on the back for conveniently connecting the rainy wear to the leash. Some raincoats might have elastic necks and adjustable elastic strap in the back to keep the fabric from shifting places or sliding to and from. Additional features of a typical dog raincoat may include a hood to protect the dogs head and a reflective stripe across the back that reflects in the night. An ideal dog raincoat must be made up of bright colors to facilitate visibility in bad weather conditions. These coats not only protect your dogs from rain but also protect it from other harsh weather conditions like wind, storm and snowfall. It can be used both as a rainy wear as well as a winter wear. Thus you can rightly choose from a range of various dog raincoats on the basis of its comfort level and protective functions.


For Raincoats, we like to visit our friend, Ellie Dog Wear as their raincoats have comes with an removable hoodie & reflectors for protection.

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Are Dog Jackets Worth It?

Yes, Dog Jackets Are More Than Just Aesthetics


Dressing up our beloved dog is not at all a bad thing. Many would think that dog clothes are just for aesthetic purposes and are just popular because it has been a trend started by celebrities. This is a misconception because it has been proven that dog clothing helps protect your dog from the harmful temperature extremities like the cold and snow. Despite having the natural thick fur coat that they have, it is not enough to protect them from the cold penetration especially if you have a short haired pooch.

These dog outfits will offer your dog some assistance with feeling substantially more comfortable especially amid the cool snow season. Not just are these dog outfits fashionable and in vogue, yet they are also functional and useful. One popular dog attire that individuals sought after are dog jackets. These dog jackets are just the appropriate outfit required when your dog is outside walking or playing amid the chilly season. These dog jackets not just secure your dog against the harsh chilly weather and keep them warm, they also protect them from any wet weather changes such as rain and melting snow, and keep their coats nice and dry which will prevent the fouled “wet dog smell” and your house from getting dirty.


Be Sure To Pick The Right Dog jacket

With the variety of dog jackets that are available online or in stores, it is always important to get a jacket that is just right for your dog.  If your dog is a short haired pooch and it’s starting to snow in your town then it’s best to get a heavy duty high performance jackets that would really protect them during the winter. These dog jackets have a thermal heating feature that keeps him warm despite walking outside during winter time.

A dog’s comfort must never be compromised as it is risky to keep them in the cold for long periods of time, especially if they are used to indoor room temperatures. A dog is more susceptible to different kinds of sicknesses therefore a protection against the cold weather is a necessity.

Browse Jackets Here



Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter Season

These can also make great gifts for pet lovers as they can also utilize its use on their pets. a wide variety of gifts for pet lovers are available. Whether they are things that they can use on their pets, or just dog themed items that would help showcase the fact that a person is truly a dog lover. You just have to find the right gifts that are appropriate for a specific use, and you can take it from there. There are a number of options to choose from online.

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Dog Dresses – Types and How to Choose One

Dog Dresses, Types and How to Choose One


Dogs are not only part of our family but also part of our lives as well. This is the reason why many dog owners want their dogs to always look presentable. Since dogs are a reflection of the owners’ personality, dog owners who love to show off their pet may also sport specially designed dresses that their cute little pooch can wear while they are out. Aside from dresses to make your pooch look like a princess, dogs may also have their toe nails painted, fur groomed and teeth brushed. The bottom-line is that owners that want their dogs to look good should always take note in getting their dogs properly pampered.


Types Of Dog Clothes

Dog clothes are currently very popular in todays society for both the older and younger generation. One of the most popular items when it comes to a dog is the dress. As small dogs are pampered and they begin to look like models, their owners are beginning to believe that their pampered pets should look good. Although male dogs do not have the same flexibility like their female counterparts, they still need to be dressed well. For instance, a bow tie for a male dog will make a strong statement. Some of the most popular dog dresses include sundresses, wedding gowns, tuxedo, pajamas, and Christmas dresses among others.


How To Choose a Dog Dress

Dog dresses can be simple or fancy depending on the occasion. Dog owners can also find fabulous accessories including matching collars to add an edge to the pets fashion as formal dog dresses typically match with the collars, boots, and hats. This will make the dog step out in style. Here are some key tips to remember when choosing dog’s clothes:

  • A dress that is too large may make the dog trip hence it is a health hazard and one that is too small may be uncomfortable. This is why it is important to go for a well fitted dress
  • Ensure that the dress has a small opening for the tail to come out
  • Dresses should have an opening for leashes to be connected to the collars
  • Dog dresses should have self-sticking closers with either velcro or a zip.  The dresses may be one piece but the health hazard of a loose dress will be apparent
  • Do not buy dresses that are made from irritating fabric. This is especially true if the dog likes to chew
  • Materials for dresses should be easy to clean and none shrinking. This is because if a dress is to be worn by the dog there are high chances that it will get dirty
  • When choosing the dress, the climate is also very important


Final Word

Pets, especially dogs are an important member of the family and will most likely reflect the characteristics of the family as well. And just like any member of the family they like to be pampered. Before dressing your dog, ensure that it is happy with the dress. Since dog dresses is turning out to be a big business, some dogs are dressed even better than their owners.

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Comparing Dog Collar – Pros & Cons Of Each

Comparing Dog Collar – The Pros & Cons Of Each

Having a dog as a companion in your home or business surrounding is quite interesting, especially if you have him or her for a pet. While taking good care of him is important, you will most probably want to walk with him once in a while and when you do, a dog collar can be instrumental as an identification tool as well as an accessory for controlling your dog to keep them out of harms way and to keep them by your side at all times. When it comes to dog collars, there are various types of this important accessory in different deigns and colors. Knowing the right collar for your companion is essential, but can get tricky if you can’t differentiate between the various available types. This being the case, here are some different types of dog collars to pick from, with the benefits and drawbacks of each apart from corrective collars such as prong, clip, and choke collars which may harm your dog if he likes to pull.


The Flat Collar

This one fits well around your dog’s neck. It comes with a snap buckle and adjustable length with a lot of simplicity. For trained pet dogs, the flat collar can be useful as a walking aid as well as a tool for holding identification tags. It also lets the owner have control of movement of his or her dog.

• You can easily attach an ID tag on the tool.
• Placing it on the dog is easy and most pets adapt to its use fast.

• Aggressive dogs may sustain injuries and neck pain as they pull on the device.
• There is minimal risk of the dog getting strangled by the collar.
• Controlling the dog to have them face you may be a bit challenging.

Browse Flat Collars


The Breakaway Collar

dog collar

To minimize the risk of strangulation, the breakaway collar can come in handy. It is designed in such a way that it can get disengaged when it gets caught by an object, effectively minimizing accidental strangling.

• There is a lower risk of accidental choking.
• It can open in the event when dogs are playing together and one of them sticks a paw on the dog collar of the other.

• The accessory may come of when most needed, for instance holding off the dog from biting or holding it from traffic.
• May have little control for dogs that pull aggressively.
• Your dog can easily lose his ID tag as the Breakaway collar may come off easily.

Browse Breakaway Collars


Martingale Collars

This type of dog collar will tighten up with pulling. The martingale collar is made up of a leash that attaches to a piece of material connected to another piece of material with two meeting ends. It also minimizes choking as the tightening may only occur up to a certain degree limit.

• It is quite effective in controlling aggressive dogs as it discourages pulling.
• It is lose fitting on the dog’s neck until pulled.
• The Martingale dog collar has a limited choking effect even as it tightens with pulling.

• The chocking effect with pulling may be a bit uncomfortable for your pet.
• If caught on something, the martingale collar may end up chocking your dog if he struggles to break free.

Browse Martingale Collars



As you can see, dog collars come in a variety of different functions so it’s important to find the one that matches to your needs and your dogs temperament.  Be sure to check out our dog harness guide as well if you decide to go the harness route and don’t know which one to get!

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