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Comparing Dog Harness – The Pros and Cons Of Each

Comparing Dog Harness – The Pros and Cons Of Each


As a pet owner, taking a walk or jog with your dog every now and then is quite fun. It enhances the affectionate relationship and companionship between the two of you, leaving the both of you happy. But this may not be the case without the appropriate accessories such as a dog harness, which gives you maximum control of your dog. The harnesses are not only comfortable for both you and the pet, but most of them are also adjustable. However, there are various types of dog harnesses, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to get the right one for your companion, looking at the following pointers can ease your selection experience.


1. The Back-Clip Dog Harness
Most dogs find it easy to adjust to the back clip harness as walking equipment. Especially if your pet is small sized with a delicate neck, this accessory is quite practical in preventing throat injury by the collars. This is because the leash clips onto a ring positioned at the dogs back. The handler gets dragged if the dog tends to pull on the leash.

• They Provide comfort for the dog and are easy to place.
• They don’t cause neck injury for fragile necked dogs.
• They are available in many elegant varieties.
• Unlike other versions, they are designed not to tangle under the neck.

• They may not be so reliable in offering utmost control for rather aggressive dogs.


2. Front-Clip Dog Harness
The front clip dog harness is the other popular option, where the leash attaches at the chest of the pet. It is mostly employed to discourage pulling action of the dog. it can also allow the owner to have control of the dogs moving and facing direction.

• Owner can turn the dog around to face them if need be.
• They offer more control to the owner for dogs that like jumping, pulling and displaying aggressiveness.

• In case of too much slack, the leash may tangle between the dog’s front limbs.
• Overly aggressive dogs may not be so controllable with the front clip dog harness


3. The Tightening Dog Harness
As you the name suggests, the tightening dog harness tightens whenever the dog tries to pull overly. This tightening enables more control as it discourages pulling action of the pet. It is however important to watch the type you go for, as the mechanism may cause pain or possibly injury to your companion. It has to be gentle and not pain inducing as it could trigger more aggression for the dog.

• They are quite practical for dogs with irritable behaviors and the aggressiveness.
• They are easy to place on your pet.

• Some of them can induce pain, which may sometimes cause more aggression or negatively influence dog behavior.
• The tightening dog harness may hinder the dog’s ability to learn walking but rather trains him/her to avoid pulling.


Shop for dog harnesses here.


As you can see, each dog harness has their pros & cons so it’s best to gauge which one would best suit your dog based on his or her temperament and size. Best of luck and have a wonderful walk with your pooch and new dog harness!


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How To Measure Your Dog

How To Measure Your Dog


With the current numerous varieties of apparel and accessories that are available for dogs , determining the required and the appropriate size can be of great daunt. How to measure your dog is determined by many factors about the nature and type of dog as well as the denature of clothing you wish to cloth the dog. When measuring your dog, There are some essential tools that you will need in order to accurate measure your dog. Be sure to have a:

  • Flexible measuring tool
  • A piece of paper
  • Something to write with
  • A flat surface for your dog to stand on

In this guide on how to measure your dog, we will take three basic measurements:

  • Top line
  • Girth
  • Neck

Measuring the Top Line (Or Back)

The Top line represents the length of the dog’s back; it is measured in the upper part of the spine starting from the withers that is the high part of the back of the dog between its shoulders, from which the neck joins the body at the base of the tail in which the tail joins the body.


How To Measure Your Dog

How To Measure Your Dog

Measuring the Girth (Or Chest)

Girth measurement involves measurements made on the chest of the dog, which includes the dogs rib cage, just a short distance from the withers and just near the front legs.


Measuring The Neck

Your dog can also have a neck measurement which involves measuring at its collar just about near the chest, just above the dog’s withers. In addition, the same measurement can be taken all the way around the pet’s neck. However, the above measuring techniques may not appropriately apply to some breeds as some dog breeds have longer necks such as Greyhounds for example. Because Greyhounds have such longer necks than most dogs, the clothing of such a breed in most circumstances is mostly done at the top of the neck just below the head. Hence in measuring for dog’s coats and any other related garments, their measurements are done lower than the collar, which is a midway between the collar level and the withers.


Measuring Other Areas (Head & Below The Chest)

Other than the above three major ways of measuring dog.In addition, measuring can also done by measuring the head. This measurement is taken just in front of the ears just under the pet’s jaw and back up. The back of the pet is done for Snoods from just above the ears towards the neck at standard collar level. Other method of how to measure your dog, involve measuring the under chest of the dog, this type of measurement involve measuring the dog just above the chest and the standards collar level.


Careful Consideration

As from the above steps, you can, successfully learn how to measure your dog. As the owner, you have a variety of option in the manner of dressing your dog once you get the correct measurements. In addition, a proper fit is especially crucial for any dog. Putting any cloth on their bodies is an alien concept to animals and must be gauged correctly to how they look and react in it.  If the clothes are too tight then it may restrict movement and even worse, blood flow.  If it’s too loose then there’s a chance your dog can trip and stumble all over, which is bad in the case of stairs or sharp corner.  Be sure to always watch your dog when you initially clothes them so you can see how well they can adjust and move around in it without hurting themselves.

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Dog Accessories That You Must Have At Home

These Are Essential Dog Accessories You Must Have

Dog is a man’s best friend, yes that’s very true and every pet owner knows that to train your pet dog well, you need different kinds of dog treats and dog accessories. Like many other pet stores around the world, it is easy to find all kinds of dog accessories on this list in stores. There are many online stores where you can easily place an order for pet food and treats and get them delivered at your home. There are different kinds of accessories that you must keep for training and playing with your dogs. If you have just brought a pet dog in the family and have no prior experience with them, here is a list of must have dog accessories that must be crucial for your dogs happiness in every home.


Collar: A collar is a very important accessory for your dog. It is basically used for two purposes. To hang the contact details of your dog and the other to attach a leash to it when you are leaving your house for a walk. When you buy a collar, always make sure it is according to the size of your dog and it should be comfortable. There are different types of materials used to manufacture these collars so make sure your dog is comfortable with it.

Leash: One of the important dog accessories when you want to take your pet out for a walk. You might have to work on training your pet on how to walk with a leash, but this is a great way to have fun. You can find leashes made of different types of material in the stores and you can buy the one which is more comfortable for both you and your pet.

Bowls: Every dog has to eat. Many people would place food in ordinary plates or dishes for their dogs which is a bad idea. Bowls are a must have dog accessories so that your pet recognizes it and will only eat in it. Bowls are a part of house training your pets and must be taught to them at an early age.

Bedding: Having comfortable bedding around the house will keep your pet comfortable. Always buy bedding and other dog accessories according to the size of your pet. You must also keep them clean for better health of your pets.

dog clothing dog accessories

Toys: Dogs love toys. They love to have fun with their owners and it is a great way of training them and keeps them occupied. Balls, Frisbees, squeaky toys and others are favorites of dogs. These dog accessories are a great way of spending time with your pets both indoors and outdoors.



Shampoo and cleaning accessories: Nobody likes a dirty dog in their house, and unfortunately dogs get themselves dirty very quickly. Shampoos and other dog accessories must be kept in the house at all time for keeping your pet clean and healthy.



Dog treats: Dog Treats are the best way to encourage and train your pet dog. Always keep a good amount of these treats in your home and give these to your dog as a reward for obeying commands and doing something right.



For first time dog owners, this list of dog accessories is a must have. There are other accessories also that you can buy like cages and carriers, but the dog accessories mentioned in this list are a must have.

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Is The LED Dog Collar Useful?

Yes, The LED Dog Collar IS Useful for Pet Owners


It’s often a good idea to think about using LED dog collar for your dog when it comes to keeping it protected at all times. An LED dog collar can be used to assist anyone with keeping a dog secure and unlikely to try and escape anyone’s view. It’s a good idea to think about what can be done when getting one of these collars to work.

An LED collar is made to where the collar will be prepared with a design that is capable of fitting around a dog’s neck. It can be used carefully for handling the neck without any irritation while also keeping it secure from water and other things that might get in the way.

Also, a collar like this can be made with an arrangement that features a bright color on it. The color is made to where it will be created well enough and handled appropriately no matter what will be used here.


It’s all about visibility

The GoDoggie Glow


The light in the collar is made to be easily visible from many spots. It is used to where the light is not going to be too hard to view or observe from a distance and should be relatively easy for anyone to wear.

It is also arranged to where it might not need too much energy to use. It might need a battery but it will be a relatively small battery that is very easy for anyone to handle.

The reason for this kind of collar is that it is one that is made to be very easy to find in any spot. There has to be a way to get anyone to be more visible for any purpose. The use of an LED collar should help anyone out with keeping the collar that one has ready to work for any kind of purpose.

In fact, this kind of collar may be able to work for all kinds of breeds of dog. The neck sizes of dogs can vary so it will be important to think about what might be used in an area when getting this set up properly.

This is particularly needed considering how difficult it might be to find a dog at some times. There are many cases where a dog might be hard to see during the evening. An appropriate light has to be set up well enough to make it easier for the dog to be found in a spot. It’s a real point that must be used well enough for any purpose that a dog owner might have.

The use of an LED dog collar may work well for all kinds of dogs. This can help anyone out with keeping a dog visible in any kind of light.


Browse from any sized LED dog collar for your dog here.


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A Review On Dog Peacoats

What Are Dog Peacoats?

Dog Peacoats are an outer coat which is mostly made up of heavy wool.  It is a perfectly made and designed dog outfit coat that is suitable for winter or other cold spells and usually comes in different sizes hence can fit different size of dogs and breeds.  Out of all the available coats and outerwears available for pooches, dog peacoats are the most classic coats that are worn by dogs.


Features And Benefits of Dog Peacoats

The peacoat has the following characteristics, features, and benefits:
– They have a kick fold which eases movement and makes your dog more comfortable.

– Have an amazing lining that make it more appealing.  The lining itself is soft fleece which comes in different colors. This contrasting lining adds a distinctive and elegant style.
– Have cute plaid fleece lining and double faux opening toggle closure. The plaid always vary.
– They are tailored and made in a classic style.

– Some may have a velco adjust for the chest and neck strap.
– Some peacoats are crafted and handmade.

– Some dog peacoats are made up of poly fleece material.
– They have a medium and short length that suits your dog.

– Some have single or double breasted fronts that help you to button it on your dog so that it can fit neatly.  The buttons are either plastic or wooden or may contain decorative buttons on the back with some underneath for fastening.

– The collar on some of these peacoats is finished on both sides.


Should You Go For A Dog Peacoat?

The choice is yours, see a few good reasons on why the dog peacoat can be a good choice for you (and  your pooch):

1) This choice of coats can be worn by both male and female dogs.
2) You just require a machine wash and a drier to keep them clean. You can still wash them with your hands.
3) They come in form of adorable models and can be customized to suit your dogs need.

4) They are the best for the winter season especially when coupled with an outer wool.

5) It is a great coat and you will definitely fall in love with it.

6) Your dog will look cute and elegant in it.

7) They have a stylish and unique design that makes them the best choice for special events and occasions.  They have buttons with traditional fittings.
8) They are based on traditional works hence suitable for tradition lovers.


How To Determine The Right Peacoat For Your Dog

Before purchasing or selecting a dog pea coat, you should carefully measure your dog by using a string or a flexible tape measure to measure.  The measurements should contain the length of your dog from collar to tail, its weight, girth which is the widest part of the dog, and chest that is behind its front legs and the size of the neck.  You also need to include the breed and average sizing of your dog.  Always measure your dog from the base of its tail to the base of its neck.  This is very crucial especially when making orders so as to avoid disappointment in case you accidentally buy a dog peacoat that does not fit your dog, returning it unused to the seller.

We hope you enjoyed our review on the peacoat and hope this helps with any questions you may have when it comes to this traditional outerwear!

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Everything About Dog Bowties

Everything You’ll Need To Know About Dog Bowties


Dog bowties are amazing and fantastic clothing accessories that your dog should wear for special and specific occasions such as parties and wedding.  Dog bowties have an array of different colors and design and are known to spur admiration and curiosity from people you meet.  Most of them are designed in a way that they integrate style with practicality and comfort.  Unique and stylish as well as quality of the material for your dog bowtie is dependent on how you choose.

Outlined below is a guide on how to select the best dog bowties.


Impressive Features And Styles Of Popular Dog Bowties And How To Select Them

Go for easily noticeable color especially black, purple, white and red while avoiding bow ties with dull colors.  Bow ties with stripes are appealing and looks cute on your dog. The best dog bowtie color should not match the color of your dog so as to avoid color crashing.

dog bowties
Multicolored dog bowtie


See The Main Points Below When Picking Out A Bowtie For Your Pooch:

– Black and white dog bow ties are great for special occasions and events. Just see how these pooches look here.
– Medium sized bow ties fit your dog and other pets neatly.
– Quality dog bow ties should have the ability to withstanding dog scratching as it’s part of the dogs playful nature.  Bow ties made of cotton, leather, or nylon materials are the best since they are durable and flexible.

– Go for high quality and stylish bow ties that even depicts your personality.
– Dog bowties should fit over collar.  A dog bow tie with velcro is easy to put on the color of your dog and should be elastic enough for flexibility and adjusting purposes.

– Choose a bow tie that does not distract the movement of your dog or pet. It should be conducive and flexible enough to ease the movement of your dog.  Avoid bow ties that very tight since they make your dog uncomfortable and may restrict your dog’s blood circulation.

– Go for a gorgeous yet simple bow tie for your dog to look pretty and appealing.

– For measuring, use a tape measure to measure the actual size of your dog so as as to know the kind and size of bow tie it require.  Note that when you guess the size of your dog, there’s a chacne that you’ll end up being disappointed after buying bow tie.

– It should be fashionable in such a way that it make your pet appealing and beautiful.

– Choose a bow tie that is 100% unique and is of high quality.
– Select hand made bow ties since they can be customized to suit your needs and desires.
– Choose a bow tie that will allow your pet to join in a party or wedding and stand out in a crowd.
– Go for affordable and easily accessible bow ties at all times.
– Best dog bow ties are easy to fit and adjust.

– If all else fails, you can always make your own!


Search through adorable bowtie for your puppy here!


Why use a bow tie on your dog?

(1) Makes your dog look unique, fabulous, and cute. They looks chic and smart

(2) It also makes you dog stand out among other dogs and pets by rocking an awesome accessory.

(3) At times it also shows off who you are by reflecting a bit of your personality.

(4) It does not matter the gender of your dog, each dog that rocks this accessory looks elegant and stylish with a bow tie.

Hope this covers anything and everything and helps you find the perfect bowtie for your dog!


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Can Dog Diapers Help With Bladder Control?

Can Dog Diapers Help With Bladder Control?

Dogs can suffer incontinence for a number of reasons ranging from illness to age. Sometimes a dog comes from another owner who never properly house-trained him or her, and they can even be used for female dogs in heat to keep them from unwanted accidents. Luckily, dog diapers are available for all of these circumstances in a variety of forms and sizes, and you can even make your own. Different options mean that you should be able to find something that suits your own needs and environment.

This article covers the principle three different types of dog diapers which are launderable, dispensable/expendable, and biodegradable.

Launderable diapers can be produced using a few materials. The vital thing is that the external side won’t spill, so it requires some kind of defensive covering. Launderable diapers tend to come in brilliant or plain plans, permitting you to make it a greater amount of an embellishment than a need.

Expendable diapers are maybe the least demanding to manage after use, yet they cause a development of waste for yourself and the world. They are likewise by and large less a la mode and a great deal more costly over the long haul, since you continually need to supplant your stock.You additionally need to get new Biodegradable diapers, despite the fact that you stay away from the issue of knowing how to discard them that you confront with the more conventional ones.


Senior Dogs & Disposing Dog Diapers

Most dogs will achieve their senior years around five years old, albeit individual and gathering elements clearly assume a part. Alongside less bladder or gut control, your dog could begin to experience side effects of joint pain, vision misfortune, and low vitality. Travel will turn out to be more difficult, particularly if you have a huge dog and are going for quite a while before getting to your dogs normal potty area.

None of these issues need to mean the end of your association with your pet, then again. Straightforward arrangements exist to make your life simpler and to keep your dog as solid and cheerful as would be prudent amid its later years. dog diapers are restricted that you can keep up your true serenity while letting your dog meander where it needs. You won’t need to stress over permitting him or her onto the furniture, if you are so disposed, or sharing a bed.

Many people keep some kind of bucket for utilized launderable and consistent dispensable dog diapers. Biodegradable ones can be covered in the lawn, yet it is fitting to do as such in a way that won’t urge the dog to uncover it back once more.

The same guideline applies to the bucket, if you go that course. Some of the time dogs like to stick their head in these, for some inconceivable reason. So it can be a smart thought to ensure it is very much fixed and ideally kept in an area where your pet can’t get at it. On the other hand your young children, so far as that is concerned.

The best policy at whatever point conceivable, obviously, is to house prepare your dog, if they will be inside. Diapers can be valuable for this stage, also, yet if you can maintain a strategic distance from them, your life will be that much simpler. That being said, when they begin to appear like a need, my recommendation would be to look at a portion of the many online assets about making your own. It truly isn’t extremely difficult and requires no learning of sewing.

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Dog Hoodies – Safety Hazards

Dog Hoodies – Caring For Your Dog And His Hoodie


Dog hoodies seem to be one of the latest and greatest additions to the world of dog clothing and it seems that a person can’t walk ten feet down the street without being confronted with the tons of dogs all wearing them.However, there is concern about the dog hoodies as a whole and, more specifically, much of the controversy is about the potential risks it presents to the dog. In particular, the design of dog hoodies, like the hood on any garment, is going to fall and rest over the eyes of the dog and has the potential to mess up their vision.

Looking at the question in the context of how nervous and hyperactive dogs can be, combined with the dangers of a busy road, it is easy to see that dog hoodies have the potential to cause some problems.


Be weary of hazards

So if you are interested in dressing your dog in a hoodie make sure that your dog hoodie does not cover their ears or eyes, so as to ensure that there is no undo risk to your pet.

In a related note, it is as important that the size of the dog hoodie is correct, and by this we mean not too big or too small. This is an issue that is particularly acute with small dogs, where some strange reason, dog owner sees fit to buy a hoodie dog that is too large for the animal.

Frenchies & Dog Hoodies

Frenchies & Dog Hoodies

Also be sure to exercise some caution when it comes to the choice of material for your dog hoodies, particularly with regard to the weather. The product

should be made of dense fibers such as wool for the winter months and lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen are ideal during the summer and spring.

If there’s anything most dogs hate it is having their ears covered up. If your dog seems to be a breed of dog, which has erect ears be sure there are vents at the top of the hoodie so that your pet can have full and free access to move their ears.

If you have trouble finding the right dog hoodies for your pet you might want to use a custom dog hoodie manufacturer. Here, the tailor takes accurate measurements and dimensions of your pet to give you a dog hoodie that suits your pet perfectly. Using this approach, you never have to worry about your dog being unable to move properly or otherwise restricted.First, you might want to consider the type of hoodie that best suit your preferences. Here are the most common choices:

In case you’re a sports fan, why not get a dog hoodie with the token of your favorite team? You can get a dog hoodie that’s as good as a letterman’s jersey. It’s the ideal way to show off the pride of your team while keeping the dog warm. Consider the fashion available while choosing a dog jacket or a dog hoodie. Recollect that, you want the coat to be functional, additionally make your dog adorable. From favorite teams to your favorite race car driver, represent with the ideal dog jacket. Keep your dog snug and warm all winter with a dog hoodie that’s as good as a coat.

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Small Dog Clothes – Modern Apparels For Your Pup

Small Dog Clothes – Modern Apparels For Your Pup

If you are blessed with a faithful canine friend, you are lucky. He is more than a family member to you and shows tremendous respect and emotions for you. In turn, he does not want anything, but just a little love and care from you. How can you gesture your feelings for him? Simple!!! With a remarkable revolution in the dog fashion industry, you have unlimited choices to pamper your dog. You can get a comfortable kennel, with a warm and cozy bed. You may also adorn his wardrobe with some designer clothes. For your little poodle you can get some lovely fancy small dog clothes. He is not just an animal but your most faithful and trustworthy friend and deserves being well dressed. To enhance perfection in his dressing, you can also get jackets, coats, formal wears, booties, toys and fancy collars and leashes and many more accessories available in the fashion world for dogs.

For your small dog, the clothes that you wear him will give him an air of sophistication. There are a huge variety of clothes for your cute, little one with an array of colors, designs and patterns. When you generally take him for a walk or park, you can make your pooch wear some cool, funky t-shirts, jackets and leather collars. Small dog clothes, available in the market, are made from different fabrics like nylon, denims, fur, faux and leather. Accessories for your pup not only complete his dressing, but also protect his delicate paws from heat and mud, keeping him spic and span.

The clothes you purchase will definitely depend on the breed and gender of your dog. You can dress up your little feminine pooch, with tiaras, hair clips, scarves and hair-bows, your masculine and macho, little poodle will look chic in hats, tank-tops and ties. Your friends are vulnerable to any kind of accidents, causing an injury and small dog clothes help them protect from cuts, scratches and bad weather. Not only are clothes required to dress them smartly, but also for their complete protection. Whatever clothes you buy for your pooch, the most important factor in making your dog look fashionable is the fitting. Designer small dog clothes are nowadays manufactured by many top brands and the material used is of fine quality. Clothes are also embellished with pearls, beads, buttons, brocades and other such stones, to give an ethnic look to your pooches.

You can get information about the various boutiques that deal in designer small dog clothes from the Internet. With the changing trend in the canine fashion industry, and your individual and unique taste and preference, you can buy clothes for your petite friend. Totally depending on you, only you can decide what’s best for him. Discount clothes for small dogs, on the other hand, come from single-piece apparels to hand-me-downs. They are lower in price compared to designer clothes, but you should make sure that you get your money’s worth when opting for cheap dog clothes. If you are resourceful, it won’t really be that hard to find discount but quality clothes online.

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Dog Clothes Buying Tips

Dog Clothes Buying Tips


Buying dog clothes for your pet can be as exciting as buying new clothes for yourself. There are many different styles available, making it easy to find something that suits any occasion and personality. To make sure your shopping trip goes off without a hitch, there’s a few buying tips that can help you make the best choices.

The first thing that you need to consider when buying dog clothes is size. The clothes need to fit correctly in order to be beneficial and safe for your pet to wear. It’s not as simple as buying “large” for your large breed dog or “small” for a small breed dog. Sizes can actually run from extra small to extra large and you can’t tell which ones will fit just from looking. Therefore, you need to measure your dog to get the right fit.

To get the right measurements, follow the guide below:

dog clothes

· Measure your dog from the base of the head (near the collar) all the way along his back to the base of the tail for the body measurement.

· Measure your pet from the top of his head (a little in front of the ears)

to the end of his tail when buying hooded garments for your dog.

· Measure the pad of his foot from his nails to his heel for the best fit in booties or other footwear.

· Measure the circumference of his neck and add between ½ and 2 inches depending on your dogs head for comfort when you need to know his neck size.

The next thing to consider is your dog’s temperament. Some dogs will wear full outfits while others will only tolerate something simple. Choose outfits based on how your pet responds when wearing clothing.

You can purchase dog clothes in a variety of fabrics, too. Cotton is a great choice for items that your pet will wear regularly. Most raincoats and jackets have cotton lining for extra warmth. The fabric should also be breathable and suited for the climate in which you live.

Be careful with flashy clothing that’s designed with buttons, sequins, beads, feathers and charms. These beautiful outfits are excellent for special occasions but they’re not intended for everyday use. Save these for those special outings when you want your pet to make a grand entrance.

Once you pick out the dog clothing best suited for your pet, you can look through some of the accessories that will help to complement her look. Hats, bows along with matching collars and leashes are available to match most any outfit.

Use these dog clothes buying tips when shopping for your pet and it will help you find the best outfits for your dog. He will look great and be safe in his new clothing as you go for walks, visit friends or when relaxing at home.


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