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How To Use A Martingale Collar

How To Use A Martingale Collar


There are a variety of dog training collars for dogs used in canine training. Some professional dog trainers advocate one type of receiver collar and only employ that form of collar regarding training pet dogs, while various other dog trainers say that type of collar should never be found in dog training. Needless to say, each canine trainer employs their own method of dog training, as well as the type of dog collar they use displays the dog coaching method they normally use.

It’s essential to know how to use a dog training collar effectively. Modern dog collars are far more than just restraining devices. They’re true training aids. There are buckle, leader, slip, prong, martingale and several other designs, which includes some with electronic devices attached.

Selecting the right collar for the teaching job at hand can considerably accelerate the studying process. It is finely utilized consistently and in conjunction with a program of rewards and positive reinforcement.

A collar really should fulfill at the very least two basic requirements.

  1. Initial, and most crucial, it ought to stay on under all conditions, even if the dog tries to escape from it by backing-up.
  2. Second, it should permit the trainer to pull or tug on the leash so as to signal commands to the dog.

See the Pros and Cons of the different dog collars here for more information.


The Martingale Collar

martingale collar

The Martingale Dog collar is like a fall collar in that it tightens up when the lead is drawn. The big distinction is that it is only able to tighten a certain amount so that it will not choke the canine. It is made up of length of textile with a ring on both comes to an end. A short bit of fabric as well as the chain undergoes both wedding rings and continues to connect to a single ring, which the leash can be connected.

When the tether is drawn, the training collar tightens to where the two rings touch each other. It has an adjustment so the tightest it could get is just snug throughout the dog’s neck of the guitar. Because the Martingale Dog collar is usually wider than the Fall Collar, it spreads pressure to succeed on the canine’s neck along which prevents the actual collar via getting twisted in the dog’s fur.


Getting the Martingale Training Collar On The Canine

The Martingale Collar, after it is properly fine-tuned, is just slipped over the dog’s head and also ears. Many of them have a speedy release buckles which you can use and extremely handy at times.


Proper utilization of the Martingale Collar

The Martingale Collar is employed in the same way as the Slip Collar. Because the Martingale collar tightens when the dog applies pressure, there may be some discomfort that this gives the canines, but can be just as effective in teaching your dog not to pull. Because the Martingale Dog collar is mostly used as a tug restraining tool, it’s good to have your dog on it in it’s early stages of learning and eventually switched to a regular collar when they learn not to tug.


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Comparing Dog Collar – Pros & Cons Of Each

Comparing Dog Collar – The Pros & Cons Of Each

Having a dog as a companion in your home or business surrounding is quite interesting, especially if you have him or her for a pet. While taking good care of him is important, you will most probably want to walk with him once in a while and when you do, a dog collar can be instrumental as an identification tool as well as an accessory for controlling your dog to keep them out of harms way and to keep them by your side at all times. When it comes to dog collars, there are various types of this important accessory in different deigns and colors. Knowing the right collar for your companion is essential, but can get tricky if you can’t differentiate between the various available types. This being the case, here are some different types of dog collars to pick from, with the benefits and drawbacks of each apart from corrective collars such as prong, clip, and choke collars which may harm your dog if he likes to pull.


The Flat Collar

This one fits well around your dog’s neck. It comes with a snap buckle and adjustable length with a lot of simplicity. For trained pet dogs, the flat collar can be useful as a walking aid as well as a tool for holding identification tags. It also lets the owner have control of movement of his or her dog.

• You can easily attach an ID tag on the tool.
• Placing it on the dog is easy and most pets adapt to its use fast.

• Aggressive dogs may sustain injuries and neck pain as they pull on the device.
• There is minimal risk of the dog getting strangled by the collar.
• Controlling the dog to have them face you may be a bit challenging.

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The Breakaway Collar

dog collar

To minimize the risk of strangulation, the breakaway collar can come in handy. It is designed in such a way that it can get disengaged when it gets caught by an object, effectively minimizing accidental strangling.

• There is a lower risk of accidental choking.
• It can open in the event when dogs are playing together and one of them sticks a paw on the dog collar of the other.

• The accessory may come of when most needed, for instance holding off the dog from biting or holding it from traffic.
• May have little control for dogs that pull aggressively.
• Your dog can easily lose his ID tag as the Breakaway collar may come off easily.

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Martingale Collars

This type of dog collar will tighten up with pulling. The martingale collar is made up of a leash that attaches to a piece of material connected to another piece of material with two meeting ends. It also minimizes choking as the tightening may only occur up to a certain degree limit.

• It is quite effective in controlling aggressive dogs as it discourages pulling.
• It is lose fitting on the dog’s neck until pulled.
• The Martingale dog collar has a limited choking effect even as it tightens with pulling.

• The chocking effect with pulling may be a bit uncomfortable for your pet.
• If caught on something, the martingale collar may end up chocking your dog if he struggles to break free.

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As you can see, dog collars come in a variety of different functions so it’s important to find the one that matches to your needs and your dogs temperament.  Be sure to check out our dog harness guide as well if you decide to go the harness route and don’t know which one to get!

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Dog Accessories That You Must Have At Home

These Are Essential Dog Accessories You Must Have

Dog is a man’s best friend, yes that’s very true and every pet owner knows that to train your pet dog well, you need different kinds of dog treats and dog accessories. Like many other pet stores around the world, it is easy to find all kinds of dog accessories on this list in stores. There are many online stores where you can easily place an order for pet food and treats and get them delivered at your home. There are different kinds of accessories that you must keep for training and playing with your dogs. If you have just brought a pet dog in the family and have no prior experience with them, here is a list of must have dog accessories that must be crucial for your dogs happiness in every home.


Collar: A collar is a very important accessory for your dog. It is basically used for two purposes. To hang the contact details of your dog and the other to attach a leash to it when you are leaving your house for a walk. When you buy a collar, always make sure it is according to the size of your dog and it should be comfortable. There are different types of materials used to manufacture these collars so make sure your dog is comfortable with it.

Leash: One of the important dog accessories when you want to take your pet out for a walk. You might have to work on training your pet on how to walk with a leash, but this is a great way to have fun. You can find leashes made of different types of material in the stores and you can buy the one which is more comfortable for both you and your pet.

Bowls: Every dog has to eat. Many people would place food in ordinary plates or dishes for their dogs which is a bad idea. Bowls are a must have dog accessories so that your pet recognizes it and will only eat in it. Bowls are a part of house training your pets and must be taught to them at an early age.

Bedding: Having comfortable bedding around the house will keep your pet comfortable. Always buy bedding and other dog accessories according to the size of your pet. You must also keep them clean for better health of your pets.

dog clothing dog accessories

Toys: Dogs love toys. They love to have fun with their owners and it is a great way of training them and keeps them occupied. Balls, Frisbees, squeaky toys and others are favorites of dogs. These dog accessories are a great way of spending time with your pets both indoors and outdoors.



Shampoo and cleaning accessories: Nobody likes a dirty dog in their house, and unfortunately dogs get themselves dirty very quickly. Shampoos and other dog accessories must be kept in the house at all time for keeping your pet clean and healthy.



Dog treats: Dog Treats are the best way to encourage and train your pet dog. Always keep a good amount of these treats in your home and give these to your dog as a reward for obeying commands and doing something right.



For first time dog owners, this list of dog accessories is a must have. There are other accessories also that you can buy like cages and carriers, but the dog accessories mentioned in this list are a must have.

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