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Creative Dog Hats For Your Dog

Creative Dog Hats For Your Dog

This year, we have seen an increasing demand for dog fashion and the current trend is in dog hats. Dog hats have been getting a lot of mainstream attention and owners are spending big bucks to showcase their adorable companions wearing it. They can’t resist seeing their pet dogs wearing one and oozing with cuteness. Dogswearinghats on Tumblr have been posting photos of different dogs wearing, you guess it, hats.

Photos from contributors are posted there and, as a dog-lover, it is futile to resist them.


If you’re looking to get some casual hats for your dog then take a look at some of these for starters. They’re simple, awesome, and even practical in some sense. But most of all they’re fashionable and gives your dog an extra bit of personality and fashion to their wardrobe.  Don’t get jealous when your dog gets all the attention.  Here’s our list of creative dog hats


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The PlayaPup Dog Visor

Dog Visor Hat

The dog visor looks very sporty and is perfect for the walks that you take under the hot sun.


Harley Davidson Biker Cap

dog harley cap

If you’re looking for a hardcore accessory to show your dog’s bad side, nothing could say it more than a Harley Davidson Cap. Your dog will look extra sharp in this.


The Top Hat Gentleman Cap

There is absolutely nothing else that needs to be mentioned about this classic head accessory. The photo says it all.


Dog Beanie

Whether it’s for the cold or just for outdoor looks, these beanies are growing in style. Comes with a dog sweater as a bonus.



While choosing what dog hats to buy for your pooch, it would be best to consider, above anything else, their comfort. You don’t want them in anything that will make them uncomfortable. Choose dog hats that are not ill-fitted and those that do not contain materials that might be dangerous to the overall health of your companion.


**Bonus Christmas & Halloween Head Accessories

Santa hats, Elf hats, and Reindeer hats are a few dog hats that are trending this season. And consistent with Christmas, the colors that are currently in trend for these dog hats are red and green. It would be best to buy your companions dog hats that will definitely make your Christmas a whole lot more fun!


Other holiday hat styles that are super cute and fashionable would be the birthday cake hat which would be perfect not only if the dog is celebrating their birthday but also if the owner is too. Don’t forget to also look at sweaters for the holidays.


There are a few things that we can resist in life, and as a dog-lover, seeing your companion in an adorable dog hat is one of them. Your companion deserves to be pampered and dressed up. And if you might ask what the reward is? It is seeing their adorable faces looking back at you in gratitude.

Photo Courtesy coolanimalworld.com & Amazon

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Awesome Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas

Awesome Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas


Fantasies of other lives are a frequent human occupation. Costumes can help with this. If our pets are expressions of ourselves, how about Dog Halloween Costumes? Let’s take a tour of this fantasy land and look at some of the hottest and fun ways to dress up our dogs for Halloween… Or any occasion!


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Pirate Dog

dog halloween costumes
Express your love of adventure with a dog Halloween costumes. The skull and crossbones on the back symbolize danger. The combination of informal design, black body, and bold trim colors brings out the love of the life of aggression and excitement.


Dracula Dog

dog halloween costumes
How about a romantic fantasy, the desire to drain every last drop of experience from life? What could be more romantic than a black body with a red cape. Go ahead, the dog won’t mind too much.


Ghost Buster Dog

dog halloween costumes
Who you gonna call?! The ghost busters friendly companion, the ghost buster dog! complete with accessories and toys! super awesome.


Prisoner Dog

dog halloween costumes
These classic pieces show just how much of a criminal your dog is by showing off his freshly broken out of cell white and black striped costume. Cute and classic!


Tarantula Dog

dog halloween costumes
There’s no escaping the terrifying tarantula dog! This 8 legged guy will be more cuddly and cute than terrifying, except when he runs towards you.


Bad Boy Dog

dog halloween costumes
Do you like bad boys? Bad boy dog gives your dog that look. The juxtaposition of symbols is easy to read. The skull head is as much a universal symbol of our culture as the red body, forked tail, and horns.


Clown Dog

dog halloween costumes
If you believe that laughing is the best medicine, then laugh along with clown dog. The clown spirit comes through with the bright colors of the playful collar and conical hat. Show you’re fearless will by smiling at trouble.


Wonder Dog

dog halloween costumes
Want to bring out your superhero attributes? Feeling like wonder woman? Then you should have wonder dog! The costume is very recognizable.


Ghost Dog

How about a friendly ghost? Ghost dog doesn’t look scary; maybe it isn’t even supposed to be a ghost. Red and yellow accents on white, the vest and conical hat are vaguely ghostlike but festive too. Could this be a guardian spirit?


Elvis Dog

dog halloween costumes
Here we have a dog with shades, or is this Elvis? This is the modern version of immortality, the spirits of the famous linger on in vivid remembrance. Your dog becomes a modern icon, a redneck rebel, sort of a pirate.


Wizard Dog

dog halloween costumes
More dogs with hats, this time it’s a wizard! It sure has the magic details, down to the traditional triangular hat. Welcome to the world of wizardly magic.



The world of Halloween pet costumes can be wondrous strange if you open your eyes and look. You would probably enjoy imagining up one of your own. Pet costuming has a lot of potential for enhancing the Halloween experience. Make it fun this year for you and your dog by giving him a costume you both can enjoy!

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Dog Bandanas for Stylish Dogs

Dog Bandanas for Stylish Dogs

High fashion isn’t only for humans, dogs are getting in on the act with sweaters, gem-studded collars, and dog bandanas. For the most part, they are styling with their cute dog scarf as they stroll through the park, walk down the street or ride across town in the car. Dog bandanas themselves are viewed as a truly charming doggie extra and regularly they can be made for any puppy paying little mind to the small accessory. Additionally, they are perfect for a quick change of wardrobe for the dog or to emphasize a special doggie event.

Dog scarf are becoming more and more popular as are the ways of wearing them. Some owners even like to dress their dogs in a dog bandana that matches their own outfit.

Most people that have smaller dogs enjoy dressing them up and taking them to and from places. More often than not, these are smaller breed dogs and they enjoy the full attention as much as the master. For these adorable dogs and their owners, there is a variety of bandana that are perfect for being stylish and on the go. From Fourth of July themed dog scarf to Halloween dog scarfs, dressing up the dog is both stylish and practical.

The special dog bandanas that are meant to be worn during the holidays is fun for many dog owners to put on their dogs. For almost every holiday or special event, one can find dog scarf that matches for the occasion. Additionally, each holiday can be represented a little differently and finding the best scarf to celebrate is quite easy. The following dog bandanas are very popular among pet owners.

New Years Dog Bandanas: New Years Day dog scarf can be made a variety of ways from just decorative bandana with New Year emblems to year specific bandana designed to bring in the New Year in style.

Valentine’s Day Dog Scarf: This bandana is as different as Valentine’s Day cards. They are most often red or white with various Valentine emblems such as hearts, cupids, flowers and candies.

St. Patrick’s Day Scarf: With your little dog sporting a St. Patrick’s Day dog scarf who needs a leprechaun’s gold. Wearing these cute dog scarfs will definitely bring the Luck of the Irish to the dogs

Easter Dog Scarf: Cute, cute, cute! These adorable dog scarves are often designed with the Easter bunny and other Easter emblems making them adorable and cute.

Patriotic Dog Scarf: This bandana is used for a variety of patriotic holidays and events. The adorable red, white and blue dog scarfs will have your dog participating in the parades, picnics and other events in style.

Therefore having a variety of dog bandanas available will add to any event and increase the dog’s wardrobe options. Have fun a be creative!


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Dog Costumes – Hot Dog and Stereo Box

Dog Costumes – The Hot Dog And Stereo Box Costume

Your dog is a component from the family, so why not dress him or her upward for a night as well? He or she will really feel special in one of these easy to make dog costumes.  For those small sweeties who will wear anything to make you happy, listed here are 3 simple and easy to make dog costumes that you can make in your own home.


The Hot Dog Costume

dog costumes

Items needed for this particular costume tend to be lightweight suntan froth, body funnel and felt to imitate mustard or ketchup.

Start by cutting the outline from the warm dog bun in the foam. The buns ought to be the length of your own dog’s back and once the piece is cut and ready, round off the sides of the buns with scissors to complete the buns fully. Attach each side of the hotdog bun to each side of your pet’s body harness and add the felt mustard or even ketchup you’ve cut to about the size your own pet’s back. Using your dog’s harness as a base can makes this costume easy, and the actual costume will remain in place and never slip.

If you get lazy and would rather purchase the costume then you can grab one at Amazon here.



The Stereo Box Dog Costume

You will need the cardboard box that is no longer or even wider than your dog’s body. Spray fresh paint in this area along with silver metal paint, in another area obviously away from your dog or small children. Then label and outline both spherical speakers, stereo call, and knobs, using a sharpie as well as your imagination. Once each component of the stereo box has been outlined, cut the outline to producing the boom box, while cutting the box exactly where your dog’s legs go and fix the actual growth container to some dog funnel. This is employed by a cassette tape, a toaster, a school bus or even something having a container shape.  Fill in the components with whatever speaker set you have or make, glue the components together and voila!  Very easy to make stereo box dog costumes on the go.


In case your canine is not comfy in a full costume (or just refuses to wear one), he may also enjoy wearing a bandanna. Try an lemon or a simple black bandanna or applique the pumpkin or even skeleton on a bandanna for your dogs costume.  This will add a small touch of creativity and a bit of personality to your dog and yourself.

For more costumes available to put on your pooch, be sure to browse our site as we update often with the latest trends and styles including costumes and dog clothing!

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