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Dog Dresses – Types and How to Choose One

Dog Dresses, Types and How to Choose One


Dogs are not only part of our family but also part of our lives as well. This is the reason why many dog owners want their dogs to always look presentable. Since dogs are a reflection of the owners’ personality, dog owners who love to show off their pet may also sport specially designed dresses that their cute little pooch can wear while they are out. Aside from dresses to make your pooch look like a princess, dogs may also have their toe nails painted, fur groomed and teeth brushed. The bottom-line is that owners that want their dogs to look good should always take note in getting their dogs properly pampered.


Types Of Dog Clothes

Dog clothes are currently very popular in todays society for both the older and younger generation. One of the most popular items when it comes to a dog is the dress. As small dogs are pampered and they begin to look like models, their owners are beginning to believe that their pampered pets should look good. Although male dogs do not have the same flexibility like their female counterparts, they still need to be dressed well. For instance, a bow tie for a male dog will make a strong statement. Some of the most popular dog dresses include sundresses, wedding gowns, tuxedo, pajamas, and Christmas dresses among others.


How To Choose a Dog Dress

Dog dresses can be simple or fancy depending on the occasion. Dog owners can also find fabulous accessories including matching collars to add an edge to the pets fashion as formal dog dresses typically match with the collars, boots, and hats. This will make the dog step out in style. Here are some key tips to remember when choosing dog’s clothes:

  • A dress that is too large may make the dog trip hence it is a health hazard and one that is too small may be uncomfortable. This is why it is important to go for a well fitted dress
  • Ensure that the dress has a small opening for the tail to come out
  • Dresses should have an opening for leashes to be connected to the collars
  • Dog dresses should have self-sticking closers with either velcro or a zip.  The dresses may be one piece but the health hazard of a loose dress will be apparent
  • Do not buy dresses that are made from irritating fabric. This is especially true if the dog likes to chew
  • Materials for dresses should be easy to clean and none shrinking. This is because if a dress is to be worn by the dog there are high chances that it will get dirty
  • When choosing the dress, the climate is also very important


Final Word

Pets, especially dogs are an important member of the family and will most likely reflect the characteristics of the family as well. And just like any member of the family they like to be pampered. Before dressing your dog, ensure that it is happy with the dress. Since dog dresses is turning out to be a big business, some dogs are dressed even better than their owners.

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