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Comparing Dog Harness – The Pros and Cons Of Each

Comparing Dog Harness – The Pros and Cons Of Each


As a pet owner, taking a walk or jog with your dog every now and then is quite fun. It enhances the affectionate relationship and companionship between the two of you, leaving the both of you happy. But this may not be the case without the appropriate accessories such as a dog harness, which gives you maximum control of your dog. The harnesses are not only comfortable for both you and the pet, but most of them are also adjustable. However, there are various types of dog harnesses, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to get the right one for your companion, looking at the following pointers can ease your selection experience.


1. The Back-Clip Dog Harness
Most dogs find it easy to adjust to the back clip harness as walking equipment. Especially if your pet is small sized with a delicate neck, this accessory is quite practical in preventing throat injury by the collars. This is because the leash clips onto a ring positioned at the dogs back. The handler gets dragged if the dog tends to pull on the leash.

• They Provide comfort for the dog and are easy to place.
• They don’t cause neck injury for fragile necked dogs.
• They are available in many elegant varieties.
• Unlike other versions, they are designed not to tangle under the neck.

• They may not be so reliable in offering utmost control for rather aggressive dogs.


2. Front-Clip Dog Harness
The front clip dog harness is the other popular option, where the leash attaches at the chest of the pet. It is mostly employed to discourage pulling action of the dog. it can also allow the owner to have control of the dogs moving and facing direction.

• Owner can turn the dog around to face them if need be.
• They offer more control to the owner for dogs that like jumping, pulling and displaying aggressiveness.

• In case of too much slack, the leash may tangle between the dog’s front limbs.
• Overly aggressive dogs may not be so controllable with the front clip dog harness


3. The Tightening Dog Harness
As you the name suggests, the tightening dog harness tightens whenever the dog tries to pull overly. This tightening enables more control as it discourages pulling action of the pet. It is however important to watch the type you go for, as the mechanism may cause pain or possibly injury to your companion. It has to be gentle and not pain inducing as it could trigger more aggression for the dog.

• They are quite practical for dogs with irritable behaviors and the aggressiveness.
• They are easy to place on your pet.

• Some of them can induce pain, which may sometimes cause more aggression or negatively influence dog behavior.
• The tightening dog harness may hinder the dog’s ability to learn walking but rather trains him/her to avoid pulling.


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As you can see, each dog harness has their pros & cons so it’s best to gauge which one would best suit your dog based on his or her temperament and size. Best of luck and have a wonderful walk with your pooch and new dog harness!


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