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How To Measure Your Dog

How To Measure Your Dog


With the current numerous varieties of apparel and accessories that are available for dogs , determining the required and the appropriate size can be of great daunt. How to measure your dog is determined by many factors about the nature and type of dog as well as the denature of clothing you wish to cloth the dog. When measuring your dog, There are some essential tools that you will need in order to accurate measure your dog. Be sure to have a:

  • Flexible measuring tool
  • A piece of paper
  • Something to write with
  • A flat surface for your dog to stand on

In this guide on how to measure your dog, we will take three basic measurements:

  • Top line
  • Girth
  • Neck

Measuring the Top Line (Or Back)

The Top line represents the length of the dog’s back; it is measured in the upper part of the spine starting from the withers that is the high part of the back of the dog between its shoulders, from which the neck joins the body at the base of the tail in which the tail joins the body.


How To Measure Your Dog

How To Measure Your Dog

Measuring the Girth (Or Chest)

Girth measurement involves measurements made on the chest of the dog, which includes the dogs rib cage, just a short distance from the withers and just near the front legs.


Measuring The Neck

Your dog can also have a neck measurement which involves measuring at its collar just about near the chest, just above the dog’s withers. In addition, the same measurement can be taken all the way around the pet’s neck. However, the above measuring techniques may not appropriately apply to some breeds as some dog breeds have longer necks such as Greyhounds for example. Because Greyhounds have such longer necks than most dogs, the clothing of such a breed in most circumstances is mostly done at the top of the neck just below the head. Hence in measuring for dog’s coats and any other related garments, their measurements are done lower than the collar, which is a midway between the collar level and the withers.


Measuring Other Areas (Head & Below The Chest)

Other than the above three major ways of measuring dog.In addition, measuring can also done by measuring the head. This measurement is taken just in front of the ears just under the pet’s jaw and back up. The back of the pet is done for Snoods from just above the ears towards the neck at standard collar level. Other method of how to measure your dog, involve measuring the under chest of the dog, this type of measurement involve measuring the dog just above the chest and the standards collar level.


Careful Consideration

As from the above steps, you can, successfully learn how to measure your dog. As the owner, you have a variety of option in the manner of dressing your dog once you get the correct measurements. In addition, a proper fit is especially crucial for any dog. Putting any cloth on their bodies is an alien concept to animals and must be gauged correctly to how they look and react in it.  If the clothes are too tight then it may restrict movement and even worse, blood flow.  If it’s too loose then there’s a chance your dog can trip and stumble all over, which is bad in the case of stairs or sharp corner.  Be sure to always watch your dog when you initially clothes them so you can see how well they can adjust and move around in it without hurting themselves.

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