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A Review On Dog Peacoats

What Are Dog Peacoats?

Dog Peacoats are an outer coat which is mostly made up of heavy wool.  It is a perfectly made and designed dog outfit coat that is suitable for winter or other cold spells and usually comes in different sizes hence can fit different size of dogs and breeds.  Out of all the available coats and outerwears available for pooches, dog peacoats are the most classic coats that are worn by dogs.


Features And Benefits of Dog Peacoats

The peacoat has the following characteristics, features, and benefits:
– They have a kick fold which eases movement and makes your dog more comfortable.

– Have an amazing lining that make it more appealing.  The lining itself is soft fleece which comes in different colors. This contrasting lining adds a distinctive and elegant style.
– Have cute plaid fleece lining and double faux opening toggle closure. The plaid always vary.
– They are tailored and made in a classic style.

– Some may have a velco adjust for the chest and neck strap.
– Some peacoats are crafted and handmade.

– Some dog peacoats are made up of poly fleece material.
– They have a medium and short length that suits your dog.

– Some have single or double breasted fronts that help you to button it on your dog so that it can fit neatly.  The buttons are either plastic or wooden or may contain decorative buttons on the back with some underneath for fastening.

– The collar on some of these peacoats is finished on both sides.


Should You Go For A Dog Peacoat?

The choice is yours, see a few good reasons on why the dog peacoat can be a good choice for you (and  your pooch):

1) This choice of coats can be worn by both male and female dogs.
2) You just require a machine wash and a drier to keep them clean. You can still wash them with your hands.
3) They come in form of adorable models and can be customized to suit your dogs need.

4) They are the best for the winter season especially when coupled with an outer wool.

5) It is a great coat and you will definitely fall in love with it.

6) Your dog will look cute and elegant in it.

7) They have a stylish and unique design that makes them the best choice for special events and occasions.  They have buttons with traditional fittings.
8) They are based on traditional works hence suitable for tradition lovers.


How To Determine The Right Peacoat For Your Dog

Before purchasing or selecting a dog pea coat, you should carefully measure your dog by using a string or a flexible tape measure to measure.  The measurements should contain the length of your dog from collar to tail, its weight, girth which is the widest part of the dog, and chest that is behind its front legs and the size of the neck.  You also need to include the breed and average sizing of your dog.  Always measure your dog from the base of its tail to the base of its neck.  This is very crucial especially when making orders so as to avoid disappointment in case you accidentally buy a dog peacoat that does not fit your dog, returning it unused to the seller.

We hope you enjoyed our review on the peacoat and hope this helps with any questions you may have when it comes to this traditional outerwear!

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