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7 Dog Gifts For Dogs. Dogs Love What’s On The List

7 Easy Dog Gifts For Dogs


If you are a dog lover you will understand just how much the family dog means to you. Your relationship with your dog is special and unique. So how do you go about buying a gift for a friend’s dog or your own? Make a choice that will delight both your friend and their fur baby by checking out this list of 7 easy dog gifts for dogs.

Lets start with the basics


1) Retrievable Dog Toys

Dogs need physical activity in order to keep them healthy. Dogs also love spending time with their owners so any retrievable dog toys would be a perfect gift as your friend will be able to take the dog to the park and play endless games of catch and retrieve.

Tennis balls and frisbees are always a good toy for them to retrieve.



2) Chewable Dog Bones or Hide

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew things. By giving your friend a bone you will be helping their dog to naturally reduce stress and anxiety. When dogs chew, their brain releases calming hormones that will help the dog feel happy, calm, and satisfied. Chewing bones are also an excellent way for dogs to maintain healthy teeth and gums.



3) Stuffed Plush Animal

Dogs are very much related to children that they need to be kept busy so that they don’t get up and cause mischief around the house. On your list of gifting ideas for dogs think about giving your friend a stuffed plush for their dog. Plushes are soft but robust toys that gives the dogs a welcome distraction when their owner is away from the house. Not to mention they love digging in and taking the stuffings out for some reason which is fine, whatever makes them happy.



4) Dog Collars and Dog Leads

Two options come to mind immediately in the form of Collars and Leads. These days being a dog owner is a perfect opportunity to accessorize a canine with colors and styles that align with your own personal preferences. Think about your friend’s favorite color and see if you can locate a dog collar or dog lead in that color or go for a nice studded one for a more edgy look.



5) Dog Cooling Mat

If your friend lives in a warm climate then one of the hottest gifts around is a Cooling Mat. The mat can be cooled in the freezer or fridge and when your friend’s dog lies on it will feel instant relief from the heat of the day. Especially good if your friends dog ( or yours!)  is a sprawler and lays with his tummy flat on the floor.

Our Recommendation: Green Pet Self-Cooling Pet Pad



6) Interactive Dog Toys

Just as humans have come to love technology, so too have our canine companions. There are a raft of interactive dog toys available these days and each toy is for different purposes. Some may have squeakers and some may have unique puzzles that requires the dog to participate in order to win a prize.

There are many toys in different puzzles such as

  • An interactive dog toy that dispense treats
  • Toys that squeak
  • Puzzles that release treats when buttons are pushed in particular order
  • And even plush barns that have smaller stuffed animals in them (dogs absolutely LOVE taking the animals out!)

Our Recommendations: Babble Ball Interactive Toy, Puzzle Made Treat Ball, Interactive IQ Treatball, Plush Barn with Animals

babble interactive toy puzzle maze treat ball


7) Grooming Sessions

A grooming session is the ultimate dog gifts for dogs as it is equivalent to a human spa session as it helps to bathe, cut, clean, and pamper your pet.  Grooming sessions will always leave your dog feeling refreshed and will also help the owner skip a day in bathing and grooming the dogs themselves.  A gift that helps both parties out.



Buying dog gifts for your friend will help them keeps their canine amused and satisfied and in some cases even support their health and well-being.  For more gifting options looks for matching bowls, blankets and cushions. Even health treats and supplements can be a good gift to give.

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Dog Accessories That You Must Have At Home

These Are Essential Dog Accessories You Must Have

Dog is a man’s best friend, yes that’s very true and every pet owner knows that to train your pet dog well, you need different kinds of dog treats and dog accessories. Like many other pet stores around the world, it is easy to find all kinds of dog accessories on this list in stores. There are many online stores where you can easily place an order for pet food and treats and get them delivered at your home. There are different kinds of accessories that you must keep for training and playing with your dogs. If you have just brought a pet dog in the family and have no prior experience with them, here is a list of must have dog accessories that must be crucial for your dogs happiness in every home.


Collar: A collar is a very important accessory for your dog. It is basically used for two purposes. To hang the contact details of your dog and the other to attach a leash to it when you are leaving your house for a walk. When you buy a collar, always make sure it is according to the size of your dog and it should be comfortable. There are different types of materials used to manufacture these collars so make sure your dog is comfortable with it.

Leash: One of the important dog accessories when you want to take your pet out for a walk. You might have to work on training your pet on how to walk with a leash, but this is a great way to have fun. You can find leashes made of different types of material in the stores and you can buy the one which is more comfortable for both you and your pet.

Bowls: Every dog has to eat. Many people would place food in ordinary plates or dishes for their dogs which is a bad idea. Bowls are a must have dog accessories so that your pet recognizes it and will only eat in it. Bowls are a part of house training your pets and must be taught to them at an early age.

Bedding: Having comfortable bedding around the house will keep your pet comfortable. Always buy bedding and other dog accessories according to the size of your pet. You must also keep them clean for better health of your pets.

dog clothing dog accessories

Toys: Dogs love toys. They love to have fun with their owners and it is a great way of training them and keeps them occupied. Balls, Frisbees, squeaky toys and others are favorites of dogs. These dog accessories are a great way of spending time with your pets both indoors and outdoors.



Shampoo and cleaning accessories: Nobody likes a dirty dog in their house, and unfortunately dogs get themselves dirty very quickly. Shampoos and other dog accessories must be kept in the house at all time for keeping your pet clean and healthy.



Dog treats: Dog Treats are the best way to encourage and train your pet dog. Always keep a good amount of these treats in your home and give these to your dog as a reward for obeying commands and doing something right.



For first time dog owners, this list of dog accessories is a must have. There are other accessories also that you can buy like cages and carriers, but the dog accessories mentioned in this list are a must have.

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