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Large Dog Clothes – Tips For Bigger Pooches

Large Dog Clothes – Tips For Bigger Pooches


Tired of sifting through teacup racks looking for a shirt to keep your best friend warm? You’re not alone. Small talk at Big-pooch Park last winter revealed that apparel tailored for canines up to 130 pounds is hard to find. Teacup attire is cute but not made to last. The big guys need something more durable. They need apparel that is stylish and functional. So see our tips on why large dog clothes would be good for your dog.

I know… You’re thinking, LARGE DOG CLOTHESWhy would a big furry pooch need a shirt?!! Well, not all breeds are furry. Do you own an 80 pound pillow diver? Is he or she pawing at the blanket in winter? Don’t be afraid to try a hoodie, or a tank top for starters. But make sure the apparel is designed specially for the big guys… made to be functional and extra durable. Easier said then done!!!

Clothes for large dogs can be fun and functional but are not common for 3 reasons:

1. Hard to find.

2. People think big pooches won’t wear clothing.

  • FYI: my 80 pound boxer loves her hoodie.
  • TIP: don’t try it until winter; a hot summer day is not a good time to give it a go.

3. Finding the right size can be confusing.

Sizing has not been standardized within the canine fashion industry. An XL from one manufacturer could be the same size as an XXL from another. To remedy this problem, many retailers ask you to measure before making a purchase, but who has time for that? It is good advice to measure if your pal is an English Bulldog or another unique body shape, but what about the rest of us? Can’t we have standard sizes for our average adorable rescue mutts? I guess not, so for now the gang at Big-pooch Park will only buy apparel if a weight range is given.


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