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Dog Costumes – Hot Dog and Stereo Box

Dog Costumes – The Hot Dog And Stereo Box Costume

Your dog is a component from the family, so why not dress him or her upward for a night as well? He or she will really feel special in one of these easy to make dog costumes.  For those small sweeties who will wear anything to make you happy, listed here are 3 simple and easy to make dog costumes that you can make in your own home.


The Hot Dog Costume

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Items needed for this particular costume tend to be lightweight suntan froth, body funnel and felt to imitate mustard or ketchup.

Start by cutting the outline from the warm dog bun in the foam. The buns ought to be the length of your own dog’s back and once the piece is cut and ready, round off the sides of the buns with scissors to complete the buns fully. Attach each side of the hotdog bun to each side of your pet’s body harness and add the felt mustard or even ketchup you’ve cut to about the size your own pet’s back. Using your dog’s harness as a base can makes this costume easy, and the actual costume will remain in place and never slip.

If you get lazy and would rather purchase the costume then you can grab one at Amazon here.



The Stereo Box Dog Costume

You will need the cardboard box that is no longer or even wider than your dog’s body. Spray fresh paint in this area along with silver metal paint, in another area obviously away from your dog or small children. Then label and outline both spherical speakers, stereo call, and knobs, using a sharpie as well as your imagination. Once each component of the stereo box has been outlined, cut the outline to producing the boom box, while cutting the box exactly where your dog’s legs go and fix the actual growth container to some dog funnel. This is employed by a cassette tape, a toaster, a school bus or even something having a container shape.  Fill in the components with whatever speaker set you have or make, glue the components together and voila!  Very easy to make stereo box dog costumes on the go.


In case your canine is not comfy in a full costume (or just refuses to wear one), he may also enjoy wearing a bandanna. Try an lemon or a simple black bandanna or applique the pumpkin or even skeleton on a bandanna for your dogs costume.  This will add a small touch of creativity and a bit of personality to your dog and yourself.

For more costumes available to put on your pooch, be sure to browse our site as we update often with the latest trends and styles including costumes and dog clothing!

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