Top 5 Rated Dog Booties and Socks

Top 5 Rated Dog Booties and Socks

Top 5 Rated Practical & Cute Dog Booties


The first occasion when I ever seen booties for mutts promoted in pet supply inventories, I roared with laughter. How adorable would you be able to make your pet with little dog shoes? Dog booties have actually been around for quite some time and they are used for a variety of reasons below:

  • Winter dog booties to protect your pooch’s feet from cool, sodden, ice, snow, and salt
  • Summer boots to shield your pup’s paws from the blistering heat of asphalt, concrete, and any other heated surfaces
  • Climbing boots to shield your dog from the threats of sharp shake, thistles, burrs, prickly plants, and foxtails
  • They can be utilized to give a speculative pooch footing on elusive floors, to counteract scratches on hardwood floors and tangles on rugs, and to hinder burrowing.
  • They can counteract biting and licking of wounds, gauzes and pharmaceuticals on the canine’s feet.

If you’re deciding on a pair of dog booties for your dog then take a look at our list

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1. All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro Straps

These dog boots will conform and cling to your dog’s natural paw shape and is water resistant, puncture and tamper resistant, and aids in traction. Not to mention they also have velcro straps to keep them visible at night.



2. Urbest – Detachable Closure Puppy Dog Booties

These cute little snow shoes are made to keep your dogs feet warm and safe with their slip proof design.  Don’t let the puppy sign fool you, these can fit any adult small breeds.



3. Fashion Pet – Performance Waterproof Dog Boots

If you have an active pet that are outdoors and needs protection from the environment as mentioned above then this is one to pick up. The performance boot are waterproof and has a built in rubber bottom for maximum protection.



4. Pecute – Dark Blue Denim Sneaker Casual Anti-slip Rubber Dog Boots

The title is a mouth full but the design is adorable. Mimicking the converse sneakers we all used to wear (or still do), these little shoes have anti slip rubber bottoms and are easy to slip on.



5. Colorfulhouse – Bone Pet Snow Boots Nonslip Boots

If you’re looking for a pair of awesome snow shoes for your dog then look no further than these nonslip fur boots. Slips these on and have your dog frolicking in the snow safe from the cold and any hazards on the ground that might be hidden.



6. Petego – Traction Control Socks for Dogs       **Bonus**

If you’re looking for something a little more on the snug side and would prefer your dog not to wear boots then shoes are a definite alternative.  Be wary to get the traction pads on the bottom so your dog doesn’t slide everywhere.



The greatest pooch boot test is keeping the little villains on your canine’s feet. Pooches don’t have much in the method for lower legs, and an all around fitted boot must embrace the lower leg joint firmly without rubbing, tightening blood stream, or irritating the dog.

The best boots offer a wide choice of sizes to take into account a solid match. The Dog Booties ought to fit reasonably cozily while as yet giving sufficient space to the puppy’s foot. It ought to slip onto the pooch’s foot without hardly lifting a finger, not slip off until you need it to, and be built of materials that are sufficiently delicate to fit in with the state of the foot and be agreeable for the puppy, yet sufficiently strong to confront the rigors of lively trekking.

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